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There are different forms of how people express themselves yet the most common one has got to be laughter. Face it – everybody wants to laugh, no matter how serious the situation is. Laughter can be contagious, too and the moment other people can hear laughter, they’ll be very curious and would want to know what made them laugh.

What are the Things that Makes Comedy So Great?

Each person’s perspective on how to make themselves laugh is different, too. What one makes them laugh may not be that laughable for others. Some would laugh at natural jokes while others can laugh at situations wherein people involved are insulting each other. It really depends on what tickles the funny bone of people. However, you can’t deny most people easily laugh when they watch comedy movies and shows. Isn’t that why many people stay up late at night just to watch late night shows? This is because most late night shows are filled with laughter, especially with how the host of the show delivers their comedy skit.

Another form of comedy that most people will surely laugh is a comedy film. There is various comedy film in the movie industry today. If you take a look at the comedy films more than ten years ago and compare them with the ones out today, you will see a lot of differences with how comedy was delivered. Some comedy films today are quite complicated to understand that some people would start wondering what was so funny about it. The simplest ones can make most people laugh, but then again it all depends on perspective. Some comedy films are aimed for children, for families while others for adults.

Ric Klass


Tom Pelphrey


Melissa Archer


The latter is usually censored since it is not appropriate for kids. The same can be said for late night shows. There is a reason why it is called a late night show – kids are already sleeping at such time of the night. One of these adult comedy films is entitled “Excuse Me For Living”, directed by RicKlass. It is a story about a drug addict that had just enough about his life and want to end it all. He used to enjoy the life of most adults his age – partying, getting frisky with the women and even getting addicted to yuppie substance. He was coping with a number of personal issues. But then, he was already fed up with his life, thus attempting to jump off from the George Washington Bridge. However, he was stopped by a security guard that was monitoring the bridge. He winded up a clinic filled with senior men and have to stay there. He also has fallen in love with the doctor’s daughter in the story, too.

There is a hint of drama to the story, but it is all more about comedy. But why should you invest your time watching a comedy like this title? Usually, a protagonist that has undergone through addiction and coping through it sounds like a drama, but this is entirely acomedy. So why watch comedy like this one instead of a drama?

Drama can be very serious, it will control you.

Have you ever seen comedies get to win an Oscar award? Here is what you have to look through a closer picture: movies that win the best picture always centers on suffering. It has been a pattern ever since then. First, the protagonist or the hero gets beaten up, and then he triumphs, restores and brings out the world back that most people are familiar with, and then lastly you bathe with all that sticky love. Some examples of this would be war movies – they show young men sent to war to protect the common people’s way of life. Romance movies usually end up in a tragedy. Historical ones dwell so much on injustices that are not even happening anymore.

Keep in mind that such as this is considered popular entertainment. The hero of the film is designed to be inspirational. The audiences are meant to take cues regarding the values the hero inspires to be. So what are these cues?

The first thing that you’ll notice here is that suffering is portrayed as something noble. Second, it accepts status quo as being great. The heroes depicted in the story always have this something to sacrifice for and that they die all the time in the hopes of keeping things as the way they are. It always keeps repeating the same message, telling people that by going through suffering, it is considered noble or that you are respectable. They place too much important on being in pain, making the country great and so on.

Comedy can stick really good to the man

It doesn’t have to be a comedy that goes against everything that is deemed popular. It just has to provide something more powerful compared to the person that is delivering the essence of comedy. And because of this, comedy can turn out entertaining and funny.

Here is one fine example: the difference between taking a look at a bully that pummels some little runt and that run surprises the bully with a straight jab. The former displays tragedy, yet the latter is a very popular genre that you’ll witness a lot in YouTube videos. People love to see an underdog win, yet at the same time, they don’t want to see anyone getting hurt. This is the reason why a lot of comedians talk about the useless things when they are on stage – the more people get better compared to them, the more of the stuff they can make fun out of it. That is why it is quite dumb to make jokes out of the homeless – because they do not have power over anyone.

But is this all the reason that you have to watch a comedy over drama? That is not the only reason. The reason why people love comedy is because they love to laugh, and what good laughter it is to have when watching comedy shows and films.


A Review of the Lifetime Movie She’s Too Young

She’s Too Young is a movie depicting a Syphilis outbreak in a school in any-town United States.

It tries very hard to point out a very real problem. I say that it tries because the acting in this movie is extremely forced. Over all it is not a bad movie, it just seems to be from a one sided viewpoint. As parents we all have to educate our children into the dangers they may face. We all would like to shelter our children and guide them in the right direction.


This movie does nothing to glamorize the sexual activity of teens and that is a very good thing. However this movie seemed to be made as a wake up call for parents only. I believe more effort could have been made to not just give the parents a wake up call but also for teens. Of course it pointed out a very real sexual transmitted disease, but it overplayed the stereotypical outlines of teen-dom.


In addition what kind of parents were they targeting. All of the parents in that movie were 40 something. Most parents of teenagers in this day and age are all under forty easy. I believe a more realistic plot could have been gained with adults that were a more realistic age.


As I said before the teenagers in this movie were cast and starred in specific stereotypes that have always been played up by Hollywood. However these lines in more modern times are blurring. The interaction between the cast of young adults was very forced and did little to show how they may actually relate. It seemed these parts were written from an adult point of view. Because of this they acted exactly as an adult would think they may act and not actually how they would react.


Overall it was a decent movie and they went very far to picking cast members that supported each other well. It was good they were pointing out very real dangers all teens are facing. If I were to grade on a scale of one to ten, it would get a eight for entertainment value and a 7 for actual believability. Movies such as this need to target not just a realistic parent target audience, but more importantly a realistic teen target market. I would watch this movie again in a pinch with nothing else to watch. I recommend that you watch it on your own and gather your own opinion.

Classic and Campy Spring Break Movie Musicals

As winter begins to subside, students around the country anxiously await their annual rite of passage: Spring Break. And while a younger generation might think that MTV’s pilgrimages to Daytona, South Padre Island and Cancun were the start of the fusion of music and Spring Break, cinematic history suggests otherwise. The Spring Break movie musical is the ultimate in campy melodrama and the older versions are sure to bring about some laughs. So whether you are a year-round working stiff or are strapped for cash, pick up one of the following Spring Break movies available for rent at your local video store, pour yourself a pina colada and enjoy!

Girl Happy (1965, MGM Studios) – Starring Elvis Presley, Shelley Fabares, Harold Stone, Fabrizio Mioni


This film features Elvis as a singer asked to escort the daughter of a Chicago mobster on her first-ever trip to Fort Lauderdale. And while this Spring Break movie has all the romantic twists and turns one would expect, its real value is the beauty of both the landscape and the Spring Breakers.


Notes for serious Elvis fans:


-This film features Elvis’s only known recorded appearance in drag.


-Many of the tracks for this film were sped up making Elvis’s voice sound higher. When these tracks were re-released in the 1990’s, the tracks were re-adjusted back to normal speed.


Where the Boys Are (1960, MGM Studios) – Starring Dolores Hart, Yvette Mimieux, Paula Prentiss, Connie Francis


This is the gold standard of the campy Spring Break movie musical genre. When four young women just can’t take the frigid weather, they make a break for Fort Lauderdale in hopes of finding Ivy League husbands. The title song remains one of Connie Francis’s greatest hits. From scenes of the Fort Lauderdale police department battening down the city’s hatches to the perfectly coiffed and tan Yalies, the film has each aspect of the Spring Break movie captured in an impeccably corny fashion. However, be forewarned, the plot takes a surprising and highly controversial (for its time) twist, and does so in an impressively subtle manner.


From Justin to Kelly (2003, 20th Century Fox) – Starring Kelly Clarkson, Justin Guarini, Katherine Bailess, Greg Siff


Unfortunately, the Spring Break movie musical has not had much of a revival in the last forty years. However, this recent attempt is worth at least a mention. The plot is quite similar to “Where the Boys Are” – guys and girls road trip to Florida for a little bit of sun and fun and a chance at meeting the right guy or girl. However, this version isn’t wrapped up in the gender norms of almost fifty years ago and thus loses some of the kitschy charm. And as you might imagine, two American Idols with little professional acting experience surrounded by a no-name cast does not bode well – not that acting was ever the hallmark of a great Spring Break movie. But shoddily put-together dialogue and weak music are simply unforgivable. While the previous two movies were good to laugh with, this is a good movie to laugh at. If Kelly Clarkson’s career lasts another few years, talk show hosts will certainly be pulling footage of this in attempts to embarrass her.

Movie Review: Eight Below

Eight Below is a story of survival against incredible odds. Eight dogs are left behind in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth, Antarctica, at the onset of one of the worst winters in history.


Few in the world even dare to venture the frozen wastes of Antarctica. It is a place that does not provide the essentials for life. Unless you have them brought to you, you cannot survive in Antarctica’s harsh environment. For those who are driven to survive there, their time is limited as the winter is brutal and stops travel on to and off of the frigid continent.


Gerry Shepherd (Paul Walker) is a guide in this harsh environment. He and his co-workers are stationed there to aid in expeditions in to the frozen lands that surround their camp.


His other companions at this camp are his team of eight working dogs. These friends are the muscle that pulls Gerry’s dog sled and then guide him home to camp. They are like part of his family, all with distinct personalities.


Gerry has been asked to guide an American geologist (Bruce Greenwood) to a mountain in hopes of making a scientific discovery. He now knows that the trip will be more dangerous than expected and decides that it would be safer to take the dog sled to travel to their destination. The ice in places will be too thin to take any other transportation.


Severe weather has been reported to the expedition team. Their adventure is cut short and they are forced to return to base for immediate evacuation. The dogs are left behind to be collected in a second rescue run… a run that never happens. Now alone, they must depend of their instincts and each other to survive.


Safe back in the US, Gerry’s conscience will not rest. He needs to know the fate of his family, the dogs that he loves and abandoned to die and is driven to get back and attempt to rescue them.


Ok, I’m a sap. I liked the attachment that you can’t help but feel for the dogs. They are his family after all. Besides, after you are formally introduced to them, you can’t help but be compelled to look for their individual traits and markings that make them distinct. Some of them are more dominant, some just plain goofy; all of them are lovable.


Is this a must see film? I don’t think so. It is a mushy and at times slow Disney flick. What that means is organized disorder with a side of heartbreak. What it doesn’t mean is a story with a motivated plot meant to capture your attention. Contrary to popular belief, not every movie that Disney produces is a gem. You’ll be interested in what happens, but it’s not all that exciting or unexpected.


If you love animals and want to see them in action, this is your film. Just remember that this is not a happy story so you’ll have to bring a box of tissues.

Movie Review – the Other Man with Liam Neeson, Laura Linney and Antonio Banderas (2008)

With such a great cast, this movie should have been spectacular. However, the story was laid out in such a peculiar manner that it was a challenge to divine what happened to the wife who supposedly disappeared. The story takes place initially in Cambridge, England and later in Milan, Italy.

Peter (Liam Neeson) accesses his wife’s internet messages which clearly implicate her in an extramarital affair. We are given to believe in the beginning that Lisa (played by Laura Linney) is on a business trip to Italy for her company which designs and sells expensive high fashion shoes. We are made to wonder why Lisa would document this affair, complete with pictures, which could easily be hacked by a clever computer technician. In fact, her husband Peter is a software engineer.


Peter is so obsessed with learning the details of this romance that he searches further to find out where this lover, named Ralph, lives. Ralph, of course, is the suave Antonio Banderas who has apparently seduced Peter’s wife over a long period of time. Against his daughter Abigail’s wishes, Peter flies to Milan to find Ralph with the possibility of confronting him.


Peter does locate Ralph in Milan and follows him to a café which conveniently has tables equipped with chess boards for those who wish to play chess while dining. Peter is invited by Ralph to a game of chess during which Ralph tells Peter about his love affair.


I hesitate to reveal the plot but it is so outlandishly contrived that I must comment on it. First, Peter, feigning friendship towards his competitor, discovers that Ralph is actually a janitor and not the idle aristocrat he portrays himself as. Using Lisa’s cell phone, Peter texts a message to Ralph, supposedly from Lisa, to meet him in Lake Como in Italy, the romantic spot where they always rendevous. Ralph is ecstatic and tells Peter that he is planning to be with his lover.


Peter shows up, of course, rather than Lisa, and finally admits to Ralph that he is Lisa’s husband. He also tells Ralph – and the movie audience – that Lisa has died from a long bout with cancer. We are then informed of the credibility of this revelation through flashbacks which show Peter caring for Lisa through her illness.


If the audience had known this from the beginning, of course there would be no staggering tale to tell. I do not think this is reason enough to lead the viewer along so playfully. The film is based on a short story by a German writer, Bernhard Schlink; therefore, one is left to wonder whether the film matched the original intent of the short story.


You might as well hear that the ending is even more incomprehensible than the events leading up to it. The last few scenes take place at a memorial dinner for Lisa given by Peter. Ralph is present as one of the honored guests. How different from real life is this scenario. I am left with the sense that the cast must have been embarrassed to be connected with the film.

Kicking and Screaming: An Unoriginal Family Film with Heart

When I saw the previews for Will Ferrell’s new movie, Kicking and Screaming, all I could do was sigh. My five year old daughter, who is playing her first season of soccer this year, begged me to take her to see it. Even though Will Ferrell’s comedy is generally a little far out for my taste, I reluctantly agreed.


I must admit, Will Ferrell surprised me. His performance was significantly better than I had expected. He did do some of his trademark slapstick comedy, but he did an admirable job of showing some real emotion as well. Robert Duvall and Mike Ditka also came through with inspiring performances. The children were cute, funny, and talented, and the soccer action was exciting.


Kicking and Screaming had all the ingredients that make a great movie. Unfortunately, it was offset by an unoriginal and predictable script. It was just like so many other sports movies: the underdogs come back and become the champions. The coach becomes consumed with winning, realizes the error of his ways, and discovers that winning isn’t as important as working hard and having fun. Pretty standard stuff.


Despite that, the movie ultimately redeemed itself. It had a valuable lesson and a lot of heart. My daughter had a great time, laughed hard, and learned a lesson about sportsmanship in the process. Watching her enjoy the movie was as much fun as the movie itself.


It comes down to this: Kicking and Screaming is not a great classic film. It is not thought provoking and it’s not worthy of an Oscar nomination. What it is is an entertaining family film. It will make your kids laugh and remind them that winning isn’t everything. Little soccer players will love and learn from it, so I think that it’s ultimately worth the price of admission.

What are the Benefits of Sous Vide Machine and Comedy Movies?

The sous vide machine is a cooking machine that lets you do the same cooking technique that the pros are doing. It utilizes precise control on the temperature in order to deliver proper and consistent results just like how they are prepared in a restaurant. Sous vide translates to “under vacuum” from the French language, wherein it is a process of sealing the food in a bag by taking out the air inside it. It is then cooked at a precise temperature inside a water bath. Such a technique produces amazing results that are not possible to achieve when done in any other cooking method.

Why cook in Sous vide machine?

One of the main advantages of cooking in sous vide machine is that you can cook and leave it alone while you go watch a comedy movie. This is because you only have to set the machine according to the time it needs to be cooked, depending on the recipe that you choose. After closing the machine, you just have to wait for it to cook by itself. By the time it is finished, it is ready to be served and eaten.

What if you are cooking a meal that will take almost an hour to complete? So why not watch comedy movies while waiting then?

Why watch comedy movies?

Did you know that when you are happy, the food you eat will become more delicious? This is because the entire time you were watching the comedy movies, you were always laughing. Laughter takes out the stress of your body and all your muscle relaxes, too. What’s more, when you cook while you are relaxed and happy, all the more the outcome of the food’s flavor becomes delicious. That is the effect that a happy disposition can do to the body, not to mention the perspective you have about food.

There is research showing how laughter can relieve the stress, wherein it showed how it can cool down the stress responses of the body. And knowing that it is a comedy movie, you are already anticipating that you will certainly laugh, thus your body is already releasing powerful effects that relieve stress.

Laughter from watching comedy films can help relieve pain as well, especially a long term one. Laughing makes the body produce its own natural painkillers, thus relieve the pain that you feel in your muscles. Have you ever noticed when you are too stress, your muscles ache at the end of the day? If you can’t address this stress in your body, your body will eventually develop an illness due to how you mismanaged your stresses.

All you need to do is list down the titles of comedy shows and movies that you are sure that will make you laugh. Avoid serious stories as this will make your muscles really tense. If you are cooking, it will affect the flavor of the food. So it is best you are in your relaxed and happy condition as this will result in the food you cooked.

The Men Who Stare at Goats: Movie Review

Alright, I’ve mulled this for a bit too long. I don’t have a great deal to comment on but here are some immediate thoughts. “The Men Who Stare at Goats” didn’t quite do it for me. I was looking forward to seeing this one, but this isn’t the first time I’ve been let down after seeing a great trailer.

This movie starts out strong, but falls flat by the start of the third act, and has almost no pulse. After that, it drags itself across the finish line. The opening scenes are great, and for a moment it felt like a Coen brothers’ film. The comedy was dead on for a bit, but then it became dull quite suddenly. The main problem with this movie is while it’s a mere ninety minutes, it drags, and feels about twice as long.


At the beginning of the movie we get a blip on the screen claiming the following story is true in more ways than people will believe. I believe this claim completely. Here’s why. Most true stories aren’t very interesting. And that’s what this movie is, not very interesting. That’s why I believe it’s nearly all true. One of the first things I learned studying screenwriting was most true stories just don’t cut it. Any time I see “based on a true story” I know most of it is probably b.s. But honestly, that’s the stuff that makes the true stuff more interesting. Very infrequently does an entirely true story have all the ingredients necessary to make a truly great film.


The acting is solid. After all, we’re dealing with Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey, Ewan McGregor, and George Clooney. They delivered in my opinion. Unfortunately, the rest of the film can’t stand very well. The story simply isn’t engaging. At about the halfway point I stopped caring. It’s the actors that make the film tolerable; if not for them it would have been a complete waste.

Zombieland: Movie Review

First…the team of cats who wrote this, Rhett Reese  amp; Paul Wernick have such a wealth of information and ideas about their characters, they pitched this as a hour-long TV show pilot (hence zombie kill of the week). The first episode was supposed to end when Wichita and Little Rock steal Columbus and Tallahassee’s car. Oddly enough, the pilot was picked up and canceled several times before it secured movie status. Apparently the writers have at least two sequels planned (this is directly from their lips, not making this up) as well as a plan to take the story back to TV where it was meant to be originally. In summation: fun times ahead.

Now…this is a great flick for the Halloween season and if you have a sense of humor, you’ll dig this. It’s a fast watch, it doesn’t drag, it’s funny and one of the male leads is named after my hometown Columbus, Ohio. So it gets my vote. I was a little taken aback when I saw Jesse Eisenberg among the cast. My first thought was, “the awkwardly pissed off serious kid from ‘The Squid and the Whale’?” Anyway, I had my reservations about this guy because I’d never seen him in a humor driven role. I am happy to report that I am tickled pink by the casting director’s choice of Eisenberg. He has stepped into the geeky, awkwardly wise-ass and hilarious shoes left behind by Michael Cera. Eisenberg is filling those shoes quite well. Columbus is the very cautious, frightened kitten who is only alive because he follows a list of rules he writes continually. He also serves as the omnipresent narrator of the story which works wonderfully.


Woody Harrelson continues to blow my mind in comedic roles. Here he’s the quintessential redneck from Florida. He loves big fast cars and guns. Every car he steals comes complete with a custom job number “3” on the door in honor of the late Dale Earnhardt — in the soul of every true redneck. At a glance Harrelson’s character could be considered a one-trick pony with no tangible depth but toward the end of the second act we find out his character lost a son to the zombies. It’s in this moment we see the real Tallahassee. When we see him first he won’t tell people his name because he feels there’s no point getting attached; but by the time it’s revealed he lost a son it’s evident these three other survivors are his new family…even if he won’t admit it yet. It was an interesting moment seeing this because it’s squished between carnage and comedy. Very affective in my opinion.


Emma Stone…the red-haired bombshell from Superbad. She was as beautiful as she was bitchy in this film. She and her sister Little Rock rob poor C-bus and Tallahassee twice without batting an eye. She’s a tough as nails girl who will stop at nothing to protect her little sister and I must say, Stone pulls this off very well. Just when I thought I’d seen all the character had to offer, well she went and surprised me by growing up a little and thinking about the people who were along for the ride.


Abigail Breslin…kind of annoying but equally affective. Her character Little Rock has her sister’s get out of the way or get run over attitude and even has her own little streak of bitch.


Ultimately, the story is about this group of survivors attempting to get to a safe-haven on the west coast which is supposedly zombie free. Not the most solid battle-plan I’ve ever heard of but it works. The survivors deviate from their plan every now and then to try and better their situation. At one point this includes crashing at Bill Murray’s house (whom I’m pleased to say is in the film). The directing is good. The camerawork and cinematography are good, any time one has to capture a zombie apocalypse on film I watch closely because it can’t be an easy task. This film pulls it off. The story is well written. What else can you ask for? In closing it’s no Shaun of the Dead but it’s a super fun ride (no pun intended) and you’ll laugh. I give it 4 stars for well-above average.

Now on DVD: Jonah; A VeggieTales Movie

Synopsis: The characters from the VeggieTales television series re-tell the story of Jonah and the whale.

What I liked about this movie: I’ve read the bible version of this story and it is one that is a bit difficult to understand at times. This re-telling was entertaining enough to keep my daughter interested but simple enough so she understood everything that was going on. I think it was the best re-telling of the story I’ve ever seen.


The thing that really impressed me is how the movie managed to tell the story and then put the lesson it teaches (everyone deserves a second chance) in a more modernized example so it was easier to understand it. Seeing this movie made me realize just why this particular series is so popular.


What I didn’t like about the movie: Nothing much other than the ending was a little bit predictable. And, that’s forgivable considering it is made for kids and not adults.


Final opinion: This is a movie your entire family should enjoy; whether you are religious or not.


On a scale from one to 10: I would give the movie a 9.

Analyzing Films: Finding Meaning

Can a movie explore and effectively convey two ideas at the same time? What Happens in Vegas does just that. The most obvious and compelling ideal is that of human nature; true love will find you whether you like it or not, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. The characters are in charge of successfully communicating this message through their trials and conflicts and inevitably succumbing to the love that has built up within them. The second ideal, and less obvious, is that of moral opinion; every choice you make, no matter where you are, will affect the rest of your life. The filmmakers are in control of focusing the audience’s attention to this message; from the screenwriting to the editing room.

The story begins with two very broken and different people. Both of them, Jack (Ashton Kutcher) and Joy (Cameron Diaz), seek comfort from their closest friends, who encourage each of them to take a trip to Vegas. Sin City is the place to go where you can leave the cares of your world behind. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. This is the phrase that we all know, and many believe.


Ashton Kutcher is an interpretation actor; his roles reflect a lot of his own characteristics (Boggs page 332). We can see this through his television program Punk’d. Most of his roles portray a foot-loose and care-free personality, one who is not thinking about tomorrow, and usually not very bright. “Jack” is another one of those characters. He has recently been fired by his father, incapable of maintaining a serious relationship, and does not think much about his own future. Jack is headed to Vegas with the intent to forget about his troubles and have some fun.


Cameron Diaz’s acting goes a little deeper, but her roles are still remarkable similar. She could be categorized as an impersonating actor, due to the wide variety of roles she has stepped into (Boggs, page 332). However, once again, we see her playing the part of an overly emotional, slightly obsessive-compulsive, and up-tight character. “Joy” is a person who needs regular routine, she schedules time to schedule. Essentially, this is the very thing that drives her fiancé to break up with her at his own surprise birthday party; which she planned for him. Joy is headed to Vegas to break free from her life for a moment, to cut loose from her routine and step outside herself.


These two are complete opposites, and would normally never give the other the time of day. However, they are thrown into each other’s lives by a hotel booking mishap. They wind up spending the night together; and upon waking, realize they were married. If things could not get any worse, before leaving the hotel, Jack strikes the jackpot with a quarter Joy put into the machine. Things heat up when they get back home and the judge decides the two cannot be divorced, nor touch the money, until they spend 6 months working on their marriage.


This is the part of the film that many critics did not like. Anyone with the ability to use their brain would know that the two could have kept the money hush-hush, get divorced, than split the money and go their separate ways. However, then there wouldn’t be a story to tell. Instead, for the next hour, we get the joy of watching two people who despise each other, taunt and torment each other, with the hopes the other will give up and relinquish the money. Contempt bore out of greed, the perfect romance?


There are moments throughout this time, where we see some sexual tension build. Put two attractive people in the same small apartment for six months, and take away their right to be with anyone else, and there is no doubt moments get heated. However, one always breaks the tension with some dig at the other, or throwing some little snide remark. This is where I think the actors did a magnificent job of portraying their characters. It must have been difficult to put all of each other’s past work out of their minds, and only focus on the characters at hand. Many critics claim these segments seem quite rehearsed and all too familiar.However, I felt myself caught up with the characters, almost forgetting I was watching actors.


Through trying to repel the other, both Jack and Joy each reveal much about themselves; that they would not normal try to hide. They do not have to keep the things they are not proud of quiet, because each thing that may turn the other away they see as helpful to their schemes. By doing so, each person is able to really be themselves. Because of this, they start to fall for each other. However, the ground work has already been laid for disaster. All of this time, each one has been plotting against the other, and just before the final court hearing it blows up. Joy is hurt, and walks away with nothing, but holding her head high.


In the end, they both realize they were made for each other, and decided to re-marry. They learned how to be themselves, and inevitably that love will not back down. I can see two internal truths of human nature (Boggs, page 42); love will find you no matter where you are, and love cannot be deterred because it is a force of its own. This is true romance in the story, because it is very similar to one I have lived, and many I have been witness to. This is only an underlying theme, though; the filmmakers were really bent on humor and comedy.


Before seeing the movie in its entirety, I assumed the title was meant to reflect the well known phrase. However, after watching it, and noticing a few minor details, I realized it may go a little deeper. The night of heat, conflict, and romance in Vegas is composed with flash cuts of highlights (Boggs page 202). From drinking to dancing on the bar, from making out in the hallway to instantly waking with a head ache; gives the impression that a night spent in Vegas is out of control. However, when the honeymoon wears off, and the contention is building, Jack looks to his friend, Hater, and says, “What happens in Vegas follows you home.” This gives me the impression that the writer does not agree with that old familiar saying, and may have wanted to make a moral statement with this picture. Thus, this film successfully conveys a subtle externally observable truth, along with a more dominant internal truth of human nature.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend is a Romantic Comedy with a Moral

If you have ever wondered how a super hero manages to have a personal life in the midst of saving mankind, then “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” is the film for you. The premise of the movie is unique, but the moral is simple: Under every person’s secret exterior lies a human being with problems and cares of their own. In this instance, the secret exterior is that of G Girl – – a blond bombshell with super powers that rival those of Superman. G-Girl feels trapped as she continuously saves the world. She knows that she cannot reveal herself so she poses as a mousy, insecure young woman named Jenny Johnson. G-Girl/Jenny longs for a personal life, complete with boyfriend, but can never seem to find anyone who she believes could cherish her real self. Then along comes project manager, Matt Saunders, who actually attempts to save her from a dangerous situation. She becomes enthralled with her would be savior and that is when the movie takes off (pardon the pun).

G-Girl/Jenny Johnson – – played by Uma Thurman – – settles into her new relationship, professing her love almost immediately. Things appear to be going pretty well. Despite all Jenny’s hints about wanting a serious relationship, Matt – – played by Luke Wilson – – tries to hang in the relationship as long as he can. He senses there is more to Jenny than meets the eye. Because he has had more than his share of unbalanced relationships, Matt doesn’t want to make a snap judgement. Still, eventually he is forced to realize that he just doesn’t love her. In reality he is in love with Hannah, played by Anna Faris, a girl that he works with. Matt decides to be honest with Jenny and break up with her. However, Jenny/G-Girl doesn’t take rejection well. Instead she lets her untapped anger spill out everywhere; demolishing Matt’s home and throwing his car into outer space. Then, when Matt and Hannah finally do get together and start a relationship of their own, G-Girl steps up her plan of revenge.


Just as Matt is about to give up, he is kidnapped by G-Girl’s arch nemesis Professor Bedlam, played by Eddie Izzard. Bedlam explains that he and G-Girl use to be school sweethearts. One night while they were making out on Lover’s Lane, a meteor crashes near them. Jenny touched the meteor and it released radiation into her that gives her super powers. Bedlam explains that the only way he could figure to stay in Jenny’s life was to become her enemy. He tells Matt that he has discovered a way to remove G-Girl’s powers without hurting Jenny. He solicits Matt’s assistance to pull off his plan. Matt lures Jenny to his home with promises of getting back together. In reality, however, the intention is to drain G-Girl’s powers. Things become ugly when Hannah shows up and finds Matt and Jenny together. The ultimate result is a pretty intense, and fun, fight scene.


This is a funny movie with delightful characters and a unique story. The ending is too cute and will make just about everyone in the audience happy.


“My Super Ex-Girlfriend” is directed by Ivan Reitman and produced by Bill Carraro, Amon Michan, and Gavin Polone.

Five Sure-Fire Summer Blockbusters for 2011

Summer is still six months away and the summer movie blockbuster season is already being talked about. With so many studios dishing out previews far in advance of film releases there are tons of comic books nerds, pirate fanatics and robot-loving geeks who are going ape over the newest batch of summer blockbusters.

With a recovering economy and hopefully better jobs news on the way, more Americans will want to see movies this summer. Here are my picks for the upcoming summer films who will take box office receipts to new heights.


“Green Lantern”


Ryan Reynolds, the former husband of Scarlett Johansson, will be showing off his superhero mettle in “Green Lantern,” the highly anticipated live action movie based upon the popular comic book hero. Reynolds plays Hal Jordan who is transformed into a galactic superhero thanks to the power of a green ring bestowed upon him by a dying alien.


Funny man Reynolds seems perfect for the role as he is both perplexed and awed by his new powers. In the first of what should be a series, Green Lantern takes on his arch-nemesis Sinestro played by Mark Strong. “Green Lantern” is due out in theaters June 17, 2011.




Chris Hemsworth plays the titular “Thor” in this first live action adaptation of the Marvel comic book series. The all-star cast includes Natalie Portman as Dr. Jane Foster and Anthony Hopkins as Thor’s father, Odin.


When Odin casts out his son Thor for bringing war to his seemingly peaceful kingdom, Thor lands on Earth and becomes its protector from the forces of evil who seek to destroy Odin’s world. “Thor” looks to be a fight-fest between his almighty hammer and the forces of darkness on May 6, 2011.


“Captain America: The First Avenger”


Yet another comic book set to a film is this summer’s “Captain America: The First Avenger.” Chris Evans stars as Steve Rogers AKA Captain America who undergoes military experiments to beef up his body and hone his skills. Hugo Weaving plays his arch-nemesis Johann Schmidt AKA The Red Skull. Other A-list cast include Samuel L. Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci.


“Captain America” is the second of the “Avengers” to hit the big screen this summer–“Thor” will also premiere this summer. “Iron Man” already has two huge hit movies in the franchise. “Captain America: The First Avenger” will arrive in theaters July 22, 2011.


“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”


The fourth installment of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is entitled “On Stranger Tides.” The movie follows Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) on a new adventure as he tries to find the Fountain of Youth. This time, Blackbeard (played expertly by Ian McShane) is hot on his trail. Sparrow must team up with his fellow pirate Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) and outwit Blackbeard’s daughter Angelica (Penelope Cruz) to get his prize.


The first “Pirates of the Caribbean” was a fantastic romp followed by the commercially successful sequel. Critics panned the second film as not having as much swagger as the first even though the franchise reached meteoric levels of financial success. “On Stranger Tides” is out May 20, 2011.


“Transformers: Dark of the Moon”


Michael Bay once again delves into the world of a top-secret cover up regarding super sophisticated and intelligent robots from Cyberton in “Transformers: Dark of the Moon.” This time, it’s revealed the fictional history of the original lunar landing included 21 minutes of secrecy when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin investigated a crashed Cybertronian ship on the moon. This time, Sam Witwicky and the Autobots must battle a new enemy called Shockwave who has been in charge of Cybertron in Megatron’s absence.


The second “Transformers” movie had the same problem with the “Pirates” sequel–the writers and director seemed to forget all about what made the first movie work and just went slam-bang into the action. Hopefully Michael Bay can get back on track with his third (and probably final) run into the world of “robots in disguise.” July 1, 2011 is the release date for “Dark of the Moon.”

‘Social Network’ with Your Social Network: A Movie-Themed Party Idea

Maybe you’ve been spending a little too much time catching up with friends on your Facebook page. Maybe you’re overdue for some actual face time. Maybe you should use your social network to do some social networking, over a cocktail or two. Why not throw a “Social Network” movie-themed party?

Released October 2010, the biopic “The Social Network” follows Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg from his Harvard dorm room to securing the title for youngest billionaire in history. Before “The Social Network” hit the big screen, you may not have been familiar with Mark Zuckerberg, but chances are you’ve heard of or used his communication-revolutionizing Facebook. Now use it as an excuse to get together.


Invite Your Social Network


Add your cocktail party to your events and be sure to invite all of your friends, and possibly friends-of-friends, via Facebook. Be sure to include the basics: date, time, and theme. But don’t forget to tell them what to wear!


Make a Fashion Statement: Wear Your “Wall”


Ask your guests to wear plain white tee shirts and bring a Sharpie, or supply markers for guests upon arrival. Have guests social network, without the computer, by writing updates and messages on friends’ tee shirts (AKA friends’ walls) throughout the evening.


Decorate the Walls


Raid your friends’ albums and walls and use the most entertaining finds as decorations for your “Social Network” movie-themed party. Don’t tell your guests; let them be surprised by your personalized décor. You may even be able to incorporate party decorations into activities or games for your guests.


Networking Ideas


“Social Network” movie trivia: use details from the movie to keep your party social. Start brainstorming by watching “The Social Network” movie trailers and clips.


Play tag, just like an adult version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, have social networkers tag photo decorations posted throughout the party space.


Go back to college with Zuckerberg and play classic college games like Beer Pong or Flip Cup.


Find the funniest or most ridiculous Facebook updates posted by friends and try guessing who posted what. Or, have a contest to see who can come up with the best new update.


Serve Some “Apps” to Your Social Network


Set out a few “apps” for your social network to enjoy. No need for more than a few apps at your cocktail party.


Signature Drinks to “Like”


Offer two signature drinks in order to cater to all of your guests. Slightly alter popular drink recipes to establish your own special concoction, and use Facebook terminology to name your signature cocktails. Remember to test your cocktails prior to the night of your party, just in case something that sounded good doesn’t turn out well.


Community Cosmo: Make blueberry martinis to color-coordinate with Facebook colors.


Poke Back Punch: Follow a traditional rum punch recipe, substitute juice with blue Kool-Aid.


Like, Comment, Share Cooler: Find a recipe for a layered drink or shooter, like a Bubblegum Shooter or a Fourth of July Shooter.


Off-the-Wall Daiquiri: Add a blue-colored schnapps or food coloring to a traditional daiquiri to color coordinate with your Facebook page.


Audio/Visual Links


If possible, have the movie playing on a loop in one room for partygoers who haven’t had the chance to see it. If it isn’t possible to actually watch the movie in your party space, you may still play on a loop silently to add to your décor.


For music, check out “The Social Network” Soundtrack,” even download the free sampler. Create your own play list with a few from the soundtrack plus music you know are friends’ “likes.”


Don’t forget to take lots of photos of your “Social Network” movie-themed party and post your new Facebook album ASAP to share with your “Social Network.”

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