A Review of the Lifetime Movie She’s Too Young

She’s Too Young is a movie depicting a Syphilis outbreak in a school in any-town United States.

It tries very hard to point out a very real problem. I say that it tries because the acting in this movie is extremely forced. Over all it is not a bad movie, it just seems to be from a one sided viewpoint. As parents we all have to educate our children into the dangers they may face. We all would like to shelter our children and guide them in the right direction.

This movie does nothing to glamorize the sexual activity of teens and that is a very good thing. However this movie seemed to be made as a wake up call for parents only. I believe more effort could have been made to not just give the parents a wake up call but also for teens. Of course it pointed out a very real sexual transmitted disease, but it overplayed the stereotypical outlines of teen-dom.

In addition what kind of parents were they targeting. All of the parents in that movie were 40 something. Most parents of teenagers in this day and age are all under forty easy. I believe a more realistic plot could have been gained with adults that were a more realistic age.

As I said before the teenagers in this movie were cast and starred in specific stereotypes that have always been played up by Hollywood. However these lines in more modern times are blurring. The interaction between the cast of young adults was very forced and did little to show how they may actually relate. It seemed these parts were written from an adult point of view. Because of this they acted exactly as an adult would think they may act and not actually how they would react.

Overall it was a decent movie and they went very far to picking cast members that supported each other well. It was good they were pointing out very real dangers all teens are facing. If I were to grade on a scale of one to ten, it would get a eight for entertainment value and a 7 for actual believability. Movies such as this need to target not just a realistic parent target audience, but more importantly a realistic teen target market. I would watch this movie again in a pinch with nothing else to watch. I recommend that you watch it on your own and gather your own opinion.