Excuse Me For Living is a comedy movie about Dan Topler, a smart, rich yet suicidal male in this mid-twenties that got dropped out of med school. Instead, he got addicted to yuppie substance. He lived most of his life like he doesn’t have a care, but certainly, the protagonist was having a lot of fun with his life. But what looks like having fun at the outset, he was dealing with a myriad of problems to the point that he is suicidal. Just right when he was about to jump off from the George Washington Bridge, he got stopped by an officer that was on duty in the area.

He wounded up in an upscale rehabilitation clinic wherein he is to join a group of senior men led by Dr. Jacob Bernstein. He is the only young one out there and he stands out like a sore thumb. But it was his father who sent him to the rehab clinic in order to turn his life around and live forward for the better.

While under the car of Dr. Bernstein, he has to follow the rules – there will be no drugs, and he has to join the geriatric temple group for men that the doctor leads or he will have to face incarceration. Dan’s friends from prep school continue to lure him and tempt into the bacchanals. Dan has difficulty resisting against drugs, women, and booze, but all these went to an end when he met Laura, the daughter of Dr. Bernstein.

Dan then realizes that he should turn his life around as he keeps on meeting up with his friends. He started listening to the group sessions when he just ignored them before. The story progresses into letting Dan realize it himself that he has a lot more to offer and even learn more than what he knew before.

This is a romantic comedy, despite the story revolving around a drug addict and a suicidal that feels like he has nowhere left to go. But, as you watch this movie until the finish, you will be amazed at how fun this whole romantic comedy story is. You will never get bored since it is not a drama that has similar plots like this one.

Why must you watch this instead of a drama flick? Here are the reasons why:

You get to have fun all the time.

One thing about serious films is that it sucks you all the way and controls you. You may not notice, but once you get a feel of the movie and have gotten to understand the plot, you want to follow it through and make sure that you see every second of the film so as not to miss a part of it. Other things that you will not notice is the tense feeling that you will get around your muscles. You may think you are watching it in a calm and relax manner, but watching serious dramas contract your muscles. Some people even get too immersed into the plot that they start crying.

Comedy films on the other hand – there is no need to get too tense at all. You know it is a comedy film and you expect yourself to laugh all the way to the end. Excuse Me For Living is a film that centers around someone who does have some sort of serious life that they need to get out of, but they twist it in a manner that will not be too serious to take on. That is one thing about comedy – the protagonist usually makes jokes about people that are better than them. You can never find any taste in making fun of people that are of lower bearing because they have less power than anyone.

While some people find hilarity in joking about the less privileged people, the consistency and its effect get dull as they are repeated over and over again. This is why when you go over another comedy that has almost the same plot or arrangement with other films, its intensity weakens and why only a few people can laugh.

In the end, it is all about how crafty the director is in creating the comedy film. It is difficult to create a comedy film, much less like the Excuse Me For Living. It has to be made by someone that has a very good sense of humor and has updated themselves with the current events that the world is in. You’ll be surprised that the most observant people are the ones that can really take humor at the next level.