Character Page

This page tells our viewers about every character that showed up in the film. It offers the contributors the ability to provide adescription about the character that is included in the film, based on how they see it. It is like a review, but more of a descriptive manner rather than a conclusion or a moral view of things. This is much like the pages that are given for actors and titles. Only that in this case, the page is going to be outlined in television or cinematic history that is specific to the character. Registered users can add appearances in the filmography, selection of photos or even add a biography of the character. This can be done through the tool to create a character.

Below are a couple of guidelines when it comes to creating the character page:

  • You only have to write about the interesting characters. By definition, interesting means that the character has at least a single filmography credit in over one episode or movie; a real biography; photos or even original quote.
  • Make sure you do not copy the biographies of characters from other places. The page should be original, meaning that you write up an original biography for the character.
  • If the characters are superheroes, this site views the superheroes and many other alter-egos as 2 different characters. This means that you create 2 different character pages for them. For example, in the Wonder Woman film, Wonder Woman gets her own character page, while the alter-ego Diana Prince gets her own character page as well. This is done here in the same site.
  • Characters that will have their own page will be based on their proper name, including with nickname or any titles depicted in the movie. This includes also alternate names. These alternate names are the names that the character is referred to in the film. Make sure you include everything on how they are called.

How to create the character page

At the cast section of the movie or TV show that you watched, you will find a menu where there are the names of characters that are included in the title. Choose a name from there and click on the “Crate button. This will lead you to a page where you get to create the character’s biography.

Once you have finished creating the character biography page or at least have updated any of the existing pages of the character, you will get a confirmation email regarding what you have just added recently. All the biographies created by the users registered on this site will go through reviews by the staff. This means the page won’t be visible immediately. It will go through a cycle in this site’s system and will be live at least in a matter of 6 hours. When the 6 hours is up, you can check out the biography page that you have created and see if you need any corrections or want to make additions to the photo selections, filmography and more. If it isn’t up for more than 6 hours, it means that your biography was not accepted.