The questions that you see here are the most common ones made by our visitors and members of this site. Please feel free to search your question as it may be one of them. If not, head to the Contact page to find a way to reach one of our representatives that will help you.

Titles in different languages

As you may have noticed, this site caters to various audiences from all over the world. To cater to their needs, the site’s language is set according to the default language of the user’s system. However, the titles are set differently. The language of the titles used in this site depends on the release in the user’s respective country. For example, for those living in the US, the titles shown will be based on the titles released in the nation. If you are registered to this site, you will see the titles on its original one. It can also be setup on your end to switch it to the title of release in your country by default. It is all about setting your preferences right.

All you need to do is just go to your account, settings and look there for Display Language for the title of the movies.

Trouble logging in with your username/password

If you find it troubling that the system of this site does not recognize the username and password you provided, you must clear out the cookie in your computer’s system after you have logged out. You can also clear out theentire history of your web browser, then try logging in again through the login page.

There is a possibility that you may have forgotten your password and username. If it is the case, you can reset the password by clicking on the special link forgotten password. It will direct you to a page where it will guide you how to recover your account that you use to sign up here. If you don’t have access to your email account that you use to register here, you can still recover your account as long as you provide the birthdate and the selected question you choose for security when you made your registration.

Make sure that the password is at least 9 characters long. It should include both alphabetical and numerical characters. You may even add special characters, but make sure that you don’t forget them. Check out for other characters that are not allowed for a password.

Who to contact if there is a missing title in the list?

Just reach out to one of our representatives by choosing one of the ways to contact them through the Contact page.

How to merge two accounts?

As of the moment, it would be impossible to merge two accounts.

Account got deleted. What to do?

This site erases all user information at the time you have deleted your account. We highly recommend that you make sure you have logged in with the same password and email ad you used when you registered to this site. If you are logging in through a third party, the email ad that you used in there must match the one that you have used here in the past.