My Super Ex-Girlfriend is a Romantic Comedy with a Moral

If you have ever wondered how a super hero manages to have a personal life in the midst of saving mankind, then “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” is the film for you. The premise of the movie is unique, but the moral is simple: Under every person’s secret exterior lies a human being with problems and cares of their own. In this instance, the secret exterior is that of G Girl – – a blond bombshell with super powers that rival those of Superman. G-Girl feels trapped as she continuously saves the world. She knows that she cannot reveal herself so she poses as a mousy, insecure young woman named Jenny Johnson. G-Girl/Jenny longs for a personal life, complete with boyfriend, but can never seem to find anyone who she believes could cherish her real self. Then along comes project manager, Matt Saunders, who actually attempts to save her from a dangerous situation. She becomes enthralled with her would be savior and that is when the movie takes off (pardon the pun).

G-Girl/Jenny Johnson – – played by Uma Thurman – – settles into her new relationship, professing her love almost immediately. Things appear to be going pretty well. Despite all Jenny’s hints about wanting a serious relationship, Matt – – played by Luke Wilson – – tries to hang in the relationship as long as he can. He senses there is more to Jenny than meets the eye. Because he has had more than his share of unbalanced relationships, Matt doesn’t want to make a snap judgement. Still, eventually he is forced to realize that he just doesn’t love her. In reality he is in love with Hannah, played by Anna Faris, a girl that he works with. Matt decides to be honest with Jenny and break up with her. However, Jenny/G-Girl doesn’t take rejection well. Instead she lets her untapped anger spill out everywhere; demolishing Matt’s home and throwing his car into outer space. Then, when Matt and Hannah finally do get together and start a relationship of their own, G-Girl steps up her plan of revenge.

Just as Matt is about to give up, he is kidnapped by G-Girl’s arch nemesis Professor Bedlam, played by Eddie Izzard. Bedlam explains that he and G-Girl use to be school sweethearts. One night while they were making out on Lover’s Lane, a meteor crashes near them. Jenny touched the meteor and it released radiation into her that gives her super powers. Bedlam explains that the only way he could figure to stay in Jenny’s life was to become her enemy. He tells Matt that he has discovered a way to remove G-Girl’s powers without hurting Jenny. He solicits Matt’s assistance to pull off his plan. Matt lures Jenny to his home with promises of getting back together. In reality, however, the intention is to drain G-Girl’s powers. Things become ugly when Hannah shows up and finds Matt and Jenny together. The ultimate result is a pretty intense, and fun, fight scene

This is a funny movie with delightful characters and a unique story. The ending is too cute and will make just about everyone in the audience happy.

“My Super Ex-Girlfriend” is directed by Ivan Reitman and produced by Bill Carraro, Amon Michan, and Gavin Polone.