Best Comedy Films to Watch This Year

You always feel tired every time you got home from work. What’s more, you can’t understand why you’re tired, when in fact, all you did was just sit in front of your desk, working throughout the day in order to get things done. But have you tried looking back as to why you were tired all the time? Getting stressed out can really tire you out, even if you have only been sitting all day. You will be amazed that those who have physically worn themselves out do not feel tired at all. The reason for this is because they are happy and they enjoyed the time they’ve spent the day. If you want to liven up your day after your work, why not watch some comedy films then?

Watching comedy movies have very powerful benefits and one of them is relieving stress – something that your body is currently yearning for. If you have a good internet connection, you might find the following titles suited to your comedic needs.


There are a number of great comedies, and Tangerine is one of them. This is a sensitive and smart film. It also makes you realize in its narrative on what you don’t see much in most movies these days. Tangerine centers its story around 2 trans women on Christmas Eve. Both of them are sex workers working in Hollywood. Sin-Dee-Rella only got released from prison and on the way met her friend named Alexandra in a donut store. Sin-Dee learns from Alexandra that her boyfriend cheated on her while she was away, with a cisgender woman. The whole story develops as Sin-Dee’s striving to track down the cisgender woman that caught the attention of her boyfriend. Even with all the antics that the two women have gone through in the movie, at the end of the day, it is all about the friendship shared between the two.


This is a very old film, more than two decades ago. The movie shows a concern regarding abuse on drugs, but you won’t believe about how the story is blended in a way that will make you laugh. An old film, but a classic comedy that will never grow stale.

Tiny Furniture

This film will surely catch your attention, which is a dry yet quirky comedy that shows you a fresh new world of the college graduate, that is going through various experiences of ups and downs through her adulthood.

Frances Ha

This film is quite a funny valentine film for the girlfriend Greta Gerwig, wherein it introduces its viewers to a long montage of the life of Frances in New York. Around in her twenties and has the aspirations to dance and is living with Sophie, her best friend that is working in a publishing industry. Within the montage, the main character reads aloud about the attacks on sincerity regarding art to Sophie. If you are the type of person that simply hate social milieu in the middle class living in Brooklyn that dream of acting on something creative, it will be a sign to leave.