Excuse Me For Living, the Novel, also by Ric Klass, was released on October 1st, 2012 and is available now at these websites: Arcade Publishing, Book Clearing House,, and Barnes & Noble!

A Young Man Struggles with Love, Drugs, and Personal Identity

One of New York’s finest saves brilliant and debonair (but drug-addicted) Daniel Topler from his suicide attempt on the George Washington Bridge. In court, the judge entrusts the young man to the care of Dr. Jacob Bernstein, an elderly psychiatrist at an upscale rehab clinic. The doctor issues these commands: obey the no-drugs rules, and join the geriatric temple men’s group he leads – or face incarceration. Dan has no choice but to comply.

Dan’s prep school friends initially lure him back to the drugs, booze, and women. But all that changes when he meets Dr. Bernstein’s daughter, Laura. The two must sneak around behind the doctor’s back. To put his past behind him, Dan must acknowledge his mistakes and realize the person he wants to become, as the story arrives at a surprising conclusion.