Parental Guide

This is a new feature of this site wherein it shows all the titles are arranged according to where they are categorized. The categories listed on this site shows as a guide for parents which movies are appropriate for their children.

While the database presented here has already included various Certification ratings from all over the world, at least this brand new feature provide movie viewers and parents added information regarding the title that can’t be fully conveyed by the rating system. Since parents have varying beliefs in how they are going to install with their children, it is best that parents provide facts by describing relevant scenes in the title for every category present in the database. Most of the time parents would provide what is right and wrong of the film, which can somehow send wrong messages to readers. Because of this new feature, we hope that parents can provide a more constructive yet critical review about every film that you’ve seen.

Please do take note that the staff in this site are still passionate and adamant about ensuring that the data here will remain as structured as it can be, not to mention it is properly categorized. So when you add irrelevant information here, it is highly likely that some other users will revert or remove it.

Read through the categories listed on this site and decide which category you want the add the description to the title of the film. Once you have decided on a category, it will be easy to add new scenes on the description. All you need to do is click on Edit and you can add the information needed. While editing the content, you have the option to view the one you made by clicking on the preview button. This way you will be able to see what your edits look like when they go live. If you like it, press on the “Save” button. Click on “Cancel” if you do not want to continue with the edits.

Keep in mind that you need to follow the policies under the Parent’s Guide when you edit. First, include the names of the characters in the film, then list down the names of the actors and actresses in parenthesis. This is followed by their character name in the film.

Keep in mind that this feature is not a means for you to use for moral views or argue about how the titles are suited for the children. It will serve as a place wherein its viewers get to learn about what the movie is all about. It should also inform the readers well what takes place in the movie. It will inform its readers and it will be up to them to formulate a decision based on the scenes that you described in the post.

There are regulators that will review your post regarding the description you posted. If it is relevant and has followed the code established under the Parents Guide, it will remain there. We reserve the right to remove any descriptions or info made when they are irrelevant.