‘Social Network’ with Your Social Network: A Movie-Themed Party Idea

Maybe you’ve been spending a little too much time catching up with friends on your Facebook page. Maybe you’re overdue for some actual face time. Maybe you should use your social network to do some social networking, over a cocktail or two. Why not throw a “Social Network” movie-themed party?

Released October 2010, the biopic “The Social Network” follows Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg from his Harvard dorm room to securing the title for youngest billionaire in history. Before “The Social Network” hit the big screen, you may not have been familiar with Mark Zuckerberg, but chances are you’ve heard of or used his communication-revolutionizing Facebook. Now use it as an excuse to get together.

Invite Your Social Network

Add your cocktail party to your events and be sure to invite all of your friends, and possibly friends-of-friends, via Facebook. Be sure to include the basics: date, time, and theme. But don’t forget to tell them what to wear!

Make a Fashion Statement: Wear Your “Wall”

Ask your guests to wear plain white tee shirts and bring a Sharpie, or supply markers for guests upon arrival. Have guests social network, without the computer, by writing updates and messages on friends’ tee shirts (AKA friends’ walls) throughout the evening.

Decorate the Walls

Raid your friends’ albums and walls and use the most entertaining finds as decorations for your “Social Network” movie-themed party. Don’t tell your guests; let them be surprised by your personalized décor. You may even be able to incorporate party decorations into activities or games for your guests.

Networking Ideas

“Social Network” movie trivia: use details from the movie to keep your party social. Start brainstorming by watching “The Social Network” movie trailers and clips.

Play tag, just like an adult version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, have social networkers tag photo decorations posted throughout the party space.

Go back to college with Zuckerberg and play classic college games like Beer Pong or Flip Cup.

Find the funniest or most ridiculous Facebook updates posted by friends and try guessing who posted what. Or, have a contest to see who can come up with the best new update.

Serve Some “Apps” to Your Social Network

Set out a few “apps” for your social network to enjoy. No need for more than a few apps at your cocktail party.

Signature Drinks to “Like”

Offer two signature drinks in order to cater to all of your guests. Slightly alter popular drink recipes to establish your own special concoction, and use Facebook terminology to name your signature cocktails. Remember to test your cocktails prior to the night of your party, just in case something that sounded good doesn’t turn out well.

Community Cosmo: Make blueberry martinis to color-coordinate with Facebook colors.

Poke Back Punch: Follow a traditional rum punch recipe, substitute juice with blue Kool-Aid.

Like, Comment, Share Cooler: Find a recipe for a layered drink or shooter, like a Bubblegum Shooter or a Fourth of July Shooter.

Off-the-Wall Daiquiri: Add a blue-colored schnapps or food coloring to a traditional daiquiri to color coordinate with your Facebook page.

Audio/Visual Links

If possible, have the movie playing on a loop in one room for partygoers who haven’t had the chance to see it. If it isn’t possible to actually watch the movie in your party space, you may still play on a loop silently to add to your décor.

For music, check out “The Social Network” Soundtrack,” even download the free sampler. Create your own play list with a few from the soundtrack plus music you know are friends’ “likes.”

Don’t forget to take lots of photos of your “Social Network” movie-themed party and post your new Facebook album ASAP to share with your “Social Network.”