Ten Movies to Love During Valentine’s Day

Ever since I was old enough to have a source of income, I have used a portion of my earnings to see as many movies as possible. Whether this means paying through the nose to see a film on the big screen or buying a copy of a new release the day it hits the shelf, my movie-viewing experience has been vast in the last ten years.

I’ve watched movies throughout the different stages in my life, including the many romantic phases I’ve experienced. From being single, to you-know-what-backward in love, to bitterly regretting the former, to falling in love in the “to death do us part” style, there’s been a movie appropriate for all these emotional rollercoasters. I’m sure one of these flicks will speak directly to your heart this Valentine’s Day. So whether your heart is bursting with love or broken over a break-up, put on your favorite pj’s, order a pizza, crack open a beer and a box of Godiva and enjoy!

Gone With The Wind: Oh, Ashley! Is there anything more romantic then those poofy dresses, defying society by line dancing while (feigning) mourning, and seducing your husband when you catch him drinking alone in the study in the wee hours of the night? I think not, and if you disagree, well, I don’t give a damn.

The Princess Bride: It is simply inconceivable to ignore the possibilities of true love when watching Wesley flop down the largest hill in the world while he proclaims “as you wish”, revealing his identity and love to the slightly dim but always endearing Buttercup.

Clueless: Watching a young Paul Rudd pine after Cher as he tries to pretend like his interests go no further then his humanitarian lawyer aspirations reassures me that there probably were guys who had crushes on me in high school that were too shy to ask me out, and this is why I never had any dates. I’m still waiting for my kiss on a grand marble staircase.

Pearl Harbor: One of the most incestuous yet believable love triangles in cinematic history. This movie will have you cheering when Evelyn arrives to the train station against Rafe’s wishes and crying when she believes he has died. You will fall in love with her as she begins to look at shy second-string Danny in a different way, and be utterly torn when Rafe returns from the dead to find Evelyn with his best friend. Just when you think you can’t feel any worse or love the characters any more, the Japanese attack and love and life are threatened on a whole new level. Grab your tissues for this three-hour tear jerker.

Cinderella: Ladies, enjoy the benefits of a fairy godmother who makes you sparkle and shine and true friends who would get eaten by a cat just to hook you up with Mr. Right. Fellas, take lessons from Prince Charming; ask us to dance, chase us when we run, acknowledge our footwear and we’ll live happily ever after.

Unfaithful: From the moment Diane Lane gets blown away by that over-the-top windstorm, you can feel the tension from your head to your toes. If you can manage, ignore the rampant infidelity and betrayal to Richard Gere (he gets even, don’t worry) and vicariously enjoy some of the hottest, I would-never-do-that-in-a-million-years-but-wow-it-looks-awesome lovin’ I’ve ever seen on the big screen. Keep the lights low; you WILL blush!

The Notebook: I’ll be honest; even in a romantic movie I enjoy, I usually find myself detached in some way because I am smart enough to know the difference between the real thing and the Hollywood-version of love. When the time comes in your life that you are spending Valentine’s day with your soul mate, pop in this movie and watch a genuine testament to the kind of love we all hope we are lucky enough to find. Even with its bittersweet ending, I am hooked on Noah and Allie from the minute they lay down in the street to stare at the stoplight.

Sweet Home Alabama: Watch this and you will be tempted to call the one that got away. Finding your other half at twelve may not be fun, but for all of us who have an unresolved love in our past, this movie allows us to imagine that it is possible to find your way back together again. Plus, who hasn’t wanted to throw out everything in their sweetheart’s house and change the locks, just to prove a point?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: With all the butchering going on in this movie I’m sure a heart flies out of someone in at least one scene! This movie may not scream romance, but it does take your mind off your own scorned heart when you watch these couples get hacked into teeny tiny pieces.

You’ve Got Mail: Maybe Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks don’t do it for you; maybe listening to the antiquated AOL slogan chime repeatedly drives you over the edge. I know that’s how I would feel if I hadn’t had my first kiss in the last five minutes of this movie! But I can’t help myself; almost twelve years later and I melt when I hear Meg Ryan say, “I hoped it was you!” Feel free to substitute this with your own melt-inducing movie moment.