A Real-Time Interactive Shopping Experience

Livestream, the new way to watch live television on the web, is transforming shopping. Consumers are no longer stuck visiting a video rental shop, an internet cafe or a neighborhood retail outlet. With Livestream, they can go where they want, when they want and pay only for services that they enjoy. They no longer have to be chained to the couch or the office because they can watch TV any time they want. Livestream is changing the way people see online television and making it more accessible than ever before.

Livestream is transforming the way Chinese brand’s market online. Livestream is not just another channel that they launch in China or a handful of small-market brands to join the bandwagon. In fact, last year over half a billion Chinese consumers engaged in live Livestream streaming and, according to Alim Li, vice president of AlimNet, a massive online social media company in China, last year 40 million unique viewers watched its 60,000 plus Livestream live shows hosted by local brands, retailers or influencers. In China, Livestream is already becoming a distinct force in its own right.

Livestream presents China’s brands with the distinct advantage of being able to engage and connect with their global fans at any time they like, which is why brands like McDonald’s, Unilever and Yum Brands have added Livestream to their existing social media platforms. The potential for cross-platform marketing and advertising is huge and this can only increase the bottom line. For brands that are not familiar with Livestream, they are missing out on one of the largest trends in digital media and retail.

Livestream is transforming the way Chinese consumers experience online shopping. When it was launched in China in late 2014, it was instantly popular as it incorporated many elements of Chinese culture such as traditional street shopping. Today, the platform has evolved further to include a social element to it. Livestream now offers live streaming of real-time shopping experiences in China. In short Livestream offers consumers the chance to get up close and personal as they shop. Retailers that have added Livestream to their websites are enjoying the advantages of this unique trend and the impact it has had on their sales.

One of the main features of Livestream is the” Livestream Conferencing”, which allows Livestream’s audience to join in the conversation with their peers. Brands that host Livestream Conferencing include brands from China, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries such as Indonesia and Taiwan. Users of Livestream can chat through real-time comments with other influencers, share photos and videos, and upload videos and audio. In effect, Livestream creates a forum for Chinese consumers and retailers to interact in real-time with one another. Livestream has definitely become a must-have tool for Chinese brands seeking to tap into the global market.

Livestream has been used by various brands to improve their online shopping experience and penetration in China. A well-established brand such as EBay has used Livestream to enhance their e-commerce offerings, allowing customers to make purchases using a secured payment gateway, providing them with a safe and convenient experience when making purchases. Other brands that have utilized Livestream to expand their product offerings include L’Oreal, Unilever and Bed Bath & Beyond. By adding Livestream to their website, these brands are not only reaching out to a larger consumer base but also expanding their customer base in an emerging market.