The best birds to keep indoor

There are so many people who adopt dogs or cats, choosing them as life companions. Not surprisingly, they are the two most common species of pets. In any case, before choosing which living being you should welcome inside your home, it is very important to understand which one best suits your needs. In particular, we talk about habits, routines, in short, your lifestyle. A small bird may be more suitable, especially if it belongs to one of the best birds to keep in the house.

If for work or other reasons, you are forced to spend many hours away from home, it is clear that adopting a dog is more than a wrong choice otherwise you have to know about their diet like either can dogs have green beans. In fact, by spending most of the time alone, the pet would end up suffering from serious depressive problems. Cats also need affection and attention, without forgetting that there are condominiums that do not accept the presence of these animals. Obviously, these are species that need a lot of care and attention.

If you don’t have the time, space or means to take care of a four-legged friend, in this article we will discover together which are the best birds to keep at home. These birds can offer companionship and happiness: in return, they ask for very little. They are very intelligent and thanks to their extraordinary evolution, they have developed unique skills. Welcoming a friend with feathers into your home means interacting with animals with high cognitive abilities. They can learn visual and auditory patterns, recognize their own name and count objects with ease.

birds are ideal pets for those who cannot devote enough time to dogs or cats; domestic birds usually require a few simple cares.

You won’t have to take them out for a walk and the quantities of food they consume are very minimal. In addition, each bird thinks about its own personal hygiene for itself, in fact, they spend most of their days arranging their feathers, to have a shiny and always well-groomed appearance. You can spend time with them and call them with sweet bird names for girls or boys

In general, birds are very sociable living beings. They can become as affectionate as dogs or cats. Let’s see, then, to find out better how to choose your new friend with wings.

What are the best birds to keep indoors?

There are bird species more suitable for living in enclosed spaces such as a house or apartment. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that many potential owners want to learn more about bird species – no one wants to keep an animal in pain in a limited space.

In addition, it will be easier to create an emotional bond with a peaceful animal that grows happy and with a personality that remains friendly and cheerful.

Wavy Parakeet

Also known as the Australian parakeet or more commonly “parakeet”, it is one of the most common species among domestic birds. Native to Australia, this little bird has become popular around the world. Its size makes it an ideal species to keep indoors, such as large city apartments. Parakeets can become very temperamental.

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However, with proper care and training, they are extraordinarily friendly birds. In addition to being small and easy to care for, you will have a lot of fun educating them, creating a truly unique bond with them. They are ideal pets for an elderly person who may have just retired and wants to keep his mind active.

In addition, parakeets can learn very interesting and cute tricks. Not surprisingly, they have the ability to memorize and repeat words. Some are even capable of repeating entire sentences. You will find on the Internet a great variety of videos dedicated to the conversations of these cute feathered friends, really ideal as pets.


If you are looking for a cheerful and loving pet bird, nymph cockatoos are the right choice. The cockatiel looks really beautiful and colourful. In adulthood, these specimens can become perfect pets that require very little attention. Cockatoos are wild birds native to Australia and, for this reason, it is not recommended to adopt adult specimens: coexistence would be complicated and the animal would suffer a lot.

On the contrary, if you take care of a cockatoo from an early age, there will be no problems in terms of behaviour or adaptation. In fact, they are very sociable pets. They need constant interaction to lead a happy life, so you need to have enough time to dedicate to your cockatiel. The problem of loneliness is quite serious since your feathered friend could develop a profound depression, leading to negative behaviour. The reason the cockatiel needs so much attention is that it is endowed with high intelligence.

Although cockatoos don’t usually learn to speak, they can mimic many sounds of everyday life: from bells to ringing and ringing of messages and cell phones. Thanks to their intelligence, they are able to develop a strong sense of humour similar to that of children. They will love spending time with you and accompany you in daily activities.


A few years ago, parrots climbed the ranks of favourite pets around the world. Despite their strong personalities.

Equipped with fervent intelligence, they are able to recognize what they like and avoid what they hate. Like a certain food or even certain places and people.