Having trouble getting to wp-admin

You probably don’t need us to tell you how aggravating it may be to be locked out of your WordPress dashboard.

Although you may not be feeling your best right now, there is some good news. Most of the time, it’s only a short-term issue, and after you figure out the underlying cause, you’ll be able to access your WordPress dashboard without losing any of your site’s content in no time.

We’ll assist you in determining the cause of your inability to access wp-admin in this article.

Your login information is invalid

Your login information being wrong is one of the most basic causes of WordPress lockouts. Even if it appears simple, it has occurred to every one of us at some time. If your site has several administrators, it’s possible that one of them changed your password for whatever reason, you lost your password, or in very rare circumstances, a hostile actor may have gained access to your account and changed your password. Get you a new password, then.

You are being blocked by your security plugin

You can unknowingly be banning yourself if you’re using a WordPress security plugin. For instance, a lot of WordPress security plugins provide a capability to restrict login attempts by temporarily barring you if you repeatedly input the wrong username or password.

Your login URL was modified by you (or a plugin)

Change the URL of your login page, which you can easily do with a number of plugins, is a typical WordPress security advice. It’s a helpful advice. till you lose track of the new URL and are unable to access wp-admin! If this is wrong, you should reset your initial WordPress login URL.

There is not enough RAM available in WordPress

Your WordPress website may have troubles with many components and become inaccessible to you if PHP memory runs out. Additionally, this inaccuracy might come and go, which can make diagnosis more difficult. It’s possible that you won’t be able to access the wp-admin when your site’s memory is at its limit. However, if your memory consumption is modest, you may not have any problems.

You’re seeing a 500 Internal Server Error or a white screen of death

The troubleshooting efforts up to this point have been predicated on the idea that your WordPress site is up and running normally; the WordPress dashboard is only unavailable.

White screen

Your website will often have some broken or unfinished parts. The most frequent offenders are plugins and themes, which may include bad code or clash with another element of your website. Inadequate RAM or problems with your hosting server may potentially result in the white screen. The instructions for fixing the wp-admin blank white screen may be found here.

There is a problem with your.htaccess file

The.htaccess file on your website regulates crucial operations like redirects and the organization of your permalinks. Your ability to access your WordPress dashboard may be restricted if anything goes wrong with this file. When attempting to access your dashboard in Chrome, you can see an error message like ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS. Or, it can manifest as a different issue.