How are Logo Mats Typically Installed or Secured in Place

Businesses now often use logo mats to advertise their brands and maintain a safe and clean working environment. These mats are an excellent addition to any company since they are built with strong materials that can handle high foot traffic. Numerous logo mat suppliers provide a large selection of logo mats that may be altered to meet the branding requirements of any company. But how are these mats normally put in place or fastened? The many techniques for mounting and attaching logo mats will be covered in this article.

Method 1: Double-Sided Tape

Use of double-sided tape is among the most popular ways to fix logo mats into position. This technique entails taping the mat’s back and then pushing it firmly against the ground. When it’s time to clean the floor or replace the mat, this is an easy method to secure the mat in place while also making removal simple.

Method 2: Gripper Backing

Using gripper backing to secure logo mats is another option. On the bottom of the mat, this sort of backing features tiny rubber dots that assist the mat grip the floor and stay in place. For companies who wish to avoid utilizing tape or other sticky items, this is a great solution.

Method 3: Velcro Strips

Another method for anchoring logo mats is using Velcro strips. This technique entails fastening a Velcro strip to the floor and another to the mat’s bottom. The mat is kept in place by a solid connection formed when the two strips are attached to one another. This is a fantastic choice for companies who wish to secure their logo mats in a more long-term manner.

Method 4: Anchoring

Another way to keep logo mats in place is through anchoring. With this technique, a heavy-duty anchor is fastened to the mat’s bottom before being fastened to the floor with screws or bolts. This technique is the most long-term, but it is also a highly solid way to keep the mat in place.

Method 5: Custom Fit

Ultimate Mats may provide logo mats that are specially made to match your company’s area. These mats won’t move or shift once they are in place since they are cut precisely to the size of your floor. For companies who want a totally unique alternative for their logo mats, this is a great choice.


Installing and fastening logo mats in place may be done in a number of ways. Your choice of approach will be influenced by the requirements of your company, the volume of foot traffic in the region, and your own tastes. The manufacturer of logo mats provides a broad selection of high-quality mats and accessories that are intended to fulfill the demands of companies of all sizes. Regardless of whether you want a mat that is simple to install and remove or one that will remain in place indefinitely.