How to Choose the Corals for your Reef Tank

Corals are the perfect option for your home aquarium. They come in several varieties and bring an elegant look to your reef tank. If you are a novice aquarist, you may be leery about getting the corals for your reef tank. Clickcorals are experts in selling corals for their customers. They are having a wide variety of corals for sale, and you can choose and buy whatever you want. Many new beginners don’t know the steps for choosing the right corals for their aquarium. This article will help you in selecting the right corals for your reef tank.

Steps Involved in Choosing the Right Corals:

The following are some of the steps involved in choosing the right corals for your reef tank.

Start With Easy Corals:

If you are a beginner and don’t have enough time to take care of the corals in your tank, it is better to start with the easy corals. Corals require a lot of care and attention to stay healthy and grow. The following are some of the basic features of beginner-friendly corals.

Tolerant and Tough:

As a beginner, you may not able to manage to consider the growth of the coral. Beginner-friendly corals are hardy and can grow no matter what you throw at them. A hard coral has tolerant of constant changes in the water parameters. This is because the aquarium can’t precisely copy the same parameters as the water in the ocean.

Low Maintenance:

Choosing the photosynthetic corals may have symbiotic relationships with the zooxanthellae. Although, they appreciate regular feeding, and they grow faster no matter what you feed them. Low-maintenance corals can also acclimate well, and captive-bred corals are the perfect option for beginners.

Make Sure your Corals are Healthy:

After you select the corals for your reef tank, it is essential to inspect them carefully. This ensures that your selected corals are healthy, and it didn’t affect the other corals in your tank by spreading any infections. Check for any discoloration and bleaching, which indicates that the coral has expelled its zooxanthellae as a sign of distress. Some corals can get brown slime infections and these problems may not indicate the illnesses as they may be a sign of distress.

Check the Condition of the Tank:

After making sure your coral is in a healthy manner, then it is time to inspect the tank and check for its conditions. Lighting is one of the important living requirements for corals. Inappropriate lighting can even kill the coral. At the same time, if there is too much light, it makes the coral bleach. Also, corals are highly sensitive to water movements and each the type has specific requirements.


It is better to start with a small number of corals for your reef tank. This is because you can be able to learn to take care of them correctly. Regular cleaning and keeping your tank well maintained are some of the important factors in order to keep your corals healthy and thriving.