How To Get Your Work Noticed In Any Major Art Gallery

We understand that trying to sell your art feels pretty strange in the beginning. However, it is a skill that you will have to master if you want money and fame to follow your creativity. Many galleries look for submissions at various experiences, so major sales might be right around the corner. Keep in mind that if your aim is to sell your work, it’s better to get representation. So, establishing a relationship with an art gallery can actually help you bring your work to potential buyers. On that note, here are a couple of tips that will help your work get noticed by an art gallery.

Make Sure To Be Active In The Artist Community

You need to be active in the artist community to make sure that an art gallery searching for new talents gets you on the radar. In order to make that happen, go to as many shows and gallery openings as you possibly can.

Get to know more about the local artists, and even the most popular artists being represented by the gallery. Use these facts as conversation starters when you introduce yourself to curators and gallery owners.

Work Towards Strengthening Your Online Presence

It is important to create a good online portfolio when you are trying to market your work and target galleries looking for new talents. An online art portfolio is almost like an art gallery owned and curated by you, and it’s a great way to display your work.

You can start by having your website domain to showcase your art. Include all your details like bio, contact information, CV, and any press mentions of your art. The website can even be monetized. So, you can also earn a little on the side while preparing for submission to galleries when compared to some of the best artists.

Do Thorough Research On The Targeted Galleries

Make a list of the galleries that you are targeting based on whether they fit your style and work. Include the details like the names of the owner, curator, director, and the submission rules in your list.

The next step is to write your letter of inquiry, including all the information about your work and your website or contact details. Mention that they are invited to come to your studio or the recent exhibition you’re going to have. Remember to be gracious and respectful of their verdict like some of the best artists.

The municipal arts council might be the perfect place to get open calls for art submissions. For instance, there is the Toronto Art Council that has an opportunities page for all artists. You can rely on the online network offered by federal, state, and provincial art councils to find resources and opportunities.