How to Recover Data from an iPhone with a Broken Home Button

It might be quite difficult to manage and use your iPhone if you find yourself in a circumstance where the home button is damaged. However, do not worry! Even without a working home button, there are a number of techniques you may take to restore your important data. We will walk you through the procedure of restoring data from an iPhone with a damaged home button in this post.

Utilize AssistiveTouch

A virtual home button is generated on your screen by AssistiveTouch, an accessibility feature included in iOS. To turn on AssistiveTouch, go to “Settings,” then “Accessibility,” and then click “Touch.” You may activate AssistiveTouch from there. Your screen will show a little virtual button that you may press to move about the iPhone’s interface. You may access the necessary data using AssistiveTouch and backup copies to a PC or cloud storage.

Connect to a Computer

You can use iTunes or Finder to retrieve your data if you’ve already linked your iPhone to a reliable computer. Utilize a USB cord to link your iPhone to the PC. Enter your iPhone’s passcode if required. An option to “Trust” the machine should be available in iTunes or Finder. You may view and backup the data on your iPhone after the connection is made.

Use iCloud Backup

This might save your life if you have iCloud backup activated on your iPhone. Your device’s data is automatically backed up via iCloud when it is charged and connected to Wi-Fi. When configuring a new iPhone, use the same Apple ID and choose the option to restore from an iCloud backup. This will allow you to retrieve your data. This will move your data to your new smartphone from the most recent iCloud backup.

Seek Professional iPhone Repair Services

It is advised to seek expert iPhone repair services if the aforementioned procedures are unsuccessful or you feel uneasy trying the recovery process yourself. You may retrieve your data without additional harm to your device at a number of professional repair facilities. These specialists can securely recover your data and resolve the home button problem since they have the required equipment and knowledge.

Consider Home Button Replacement

The broken home button may need to be replaced in specific circumstances. Technical know-how is required for this choice; therefore, you should only choose it if you are confident in your ability to complete the repair. You can find a ton of tutorials and tips online that can aid you in the process. If you decide to replace the home button, be careful while doing the repair and only use authentic replacement components.


Your iPhone’s damaged home button doesn’t always imply you can’t access your important info. You may effectively do data recovery by employing technologies like AssistiveTouch, connecting to a computer, or using an iCloud backup. It is advised to seek the aid of an iPhone repair expert if these approaches fail to solve the problem or if you prefer professional support. To avoid any further data loss, always be cautious and create backups of your data.