What are some common sizes and lengths for Celtic Cross Necklaces

Celtic cross necklaces are well-liked by individuals of all ages and genders and make wonderful presents for any event. The Celtic cross is a symbol that has a long history and meaning, going back to the early Christian era in Ireland. There are a few standard choices available for size and lengths. We’ll go through some of the most well-liked Celtic cross necklaces in this post, including their sizes and lengths.

Lengths of Celtic Cross Necklaces

There are many different lengths of Celtic cross necklaces, from short to lengthy. Some of the most typical lengths you’ll encounter are listed below:

  • 16-inch Necklace: For those seeking a shorter necklace, the 16-inch option is popular. People who want the cross to be near to their neck should use it.
  • 18-inch Necklace: A basic necklace length that works well for both men and women is 18 inches. It may be worn with any outfit since it is a flexible choice that ends just below the collarbone.
  • 20-inch Necklace: The optimal length for individuals who want the cross to stand out more is a 20-inch necklace. It is a common option for guys and sits just above the chest.
  • 24-inch Necklace: The greatest length offered for Celtic cross necklaces is a 24-inch necklace. It is the perfect necklace for guys who desire a large, eye-catching necklace that hangs below the breast.

Sizes of Celtic Cross Necklaces

From tiny to huge, there are several sizes available for Celtic cross necklaces. The following are some of the most typical sizes you may find:

  • Small Celtic Cross Necklace: For individuals who want a delicate and unobtrusive piece of jewelry, a little Celtic cross necklace is perfect. It is a common option for daily wear and is often worn by ladies.
  • Medium Celtic Cross Necklace: For both men and women, a medium-sized Celtic cross necklace is a popular option. It may be worn as a statement item and is somewhat bigger than a little necklace.
  • Large Celtic Cross Necklace: A huge Celtic cross necklace is the best choice for males looking for a statement accessory. It may be a conversation grabber and is often worn with casual attire.
  • Extra Large Celtic Cross Necklace: The biggest size offered is an extra-large Celtic cross necklace, which is perfect for guys who desire a striking piece of jewelry. It may be a terrific way to inject some individuality into a suit or tuxedo and is often used with formal attire.

Mens Celtic Cross Necklace

Men have a lot of choices when it comes to Celtic cross necklaces. Mens Celtic cross necklaces are often worn as a statement item and are generally bigger and bolder than necklaces for ladies. Mens Celtic cross necklaces are available in a variety of sizes and lengths, including the following:

  • 20-inch Medium-sized Necklace: Men often choose a medium-sized necklace that is 20 inches long. It is huge enough to be felt but not overpowering, and it rests just above the chest.
  • 24-inch Large-sized Necklace: The best necklace for guys who desire a big, dramatic piece of jewelry is one that is 24 inches long. It is below the breast and may be a terrific way to give a casual dress some individuality.


When choosing a Celtic cross necklace, it’s crucial to keep things like the necklace’s length, size, and composition in mind. Your own tastes and the occasion for which you want to wear the necklace should be taken into consideration while choosing its length. The necklace’s size should also reflect your unique style and attitude.