What Are The Best Alternative Personal Lubricants

Lubricant is an organic or synthetic substance that is used to reduce friction between two surfaces. When two surfaces come in contact, the friction between them releases heat. A lubricant reduces the release of heat. It helps in the transmission of forces, transportation of particles. It is also used as a heating or cooling agent. The personal lubricant is specially developed to aid during sexual acts. During masturbation or and intercourse it is used to make penetration easy by reducing friction.

There are three types of personal lubricants on the basis of the composition. Those are water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based lubricants. A Personal Lubricant Bottle is very convenient and easy to handle. But there are several personal lubricant alternatives that can work just fine.

Natural Aloe Vera Or Aloe Vera Gel Is A Good Alternative

Aloe Vera is a natural water-based lubricant. It also hydrates the gentle areas and reduces irritation. The consistency of aloe vera and its soothing property qualifies it as a lubricant.

Use Of Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is enriched with anti-inflammatory contents and moisturizing substances. The flavor and the essence of coconut are also highly liked by people across the globe. Thus, this is a popular oil-based lubricant that can be used for optimum benefits.

Plain Yogurt As A Lubricant

There are several informal shreds of evidence that suggests plain yogurt as an alternative for lubricants. For a long time, yogurt is used for treating vaginal infections. It is parsimonious and has a suitable consistency. That’s why; plain yogurt can act as a lubricant alternative.

Olive Oil Works As A Wonder In Most Of The Cases

This oil-based lubricant is known for fast and hassle-free spreading. Olive oil is around as a lubricant for a long time. However, our skin does not absorb olive oil well. So it is best to wash it off right after using it. Because it can clog pores which cause irritation and infection.

Egg Whites As A Lubricant

There are many anecdotal and informal pieces of evidence that support egg whites as lubricants. Because many believe that it has the same consistency as vaginal discharges.

Other popular lubricant alternatives like Vaseline, petroleum jelly, body lotions, spit, butter, or cream are harmful. They should not be used as lubricant alternatives as they can cause infection and irritation. A personal lubricant bottle doesn’t cause these irritations.

Alternative lubricants are fun, easy to get, and pocket-friendly. You can find them in your house easily. And also, they are very easy to prepare. But still, using personal lubricants is for the best. It is safe and specially made as a substance for intercourse and other sexual activities.