What Are The Different Sorts Of Russian Invitation Letters Available

Other names for the invitation letter to Russia are tourist voucher or visa support. A resident in Russia uses this document to invite a person to pay him a visit. Possible reasons for visiting are business, tourism, personal purposes, or studies. The invitation letter is a compulsory document to make an application for a visa to Russia. A point to note here is that the invitation letter has nothing to do with the hotel reservation. They’re two separate things. There is no need for a hotel reservation to acquire the visa. For visas of other countries, like the Chinese visa, submitting a copy of the hotel reservations tickets is necessary.

Based on the reason for a person’s trip to Russia, various Russian Invitation Letter or visa support is available. Below, we are going to discuss the most common ones among these.

Tourism Invitation Voucher

The most common one is the tourist invitation letter, and it is compulsory for processing the tourist visa. The question is, who can issue it?

The hotel where the person will stay can issue it. While some issue it free, most charge a cost for issuing it. There is a thing about hotels that give it for free. If the person decides to change hotels, he must pay a penalty of as much as 5,000 rubles. He must pay with the credit card he made the reservation with.

Rostourism authorized Russian tour operators can issue it. Those interested will get a list of such authorized Russian tour operators online. Some tour operators let the person get the letter online in some minutes. The person can take a print out of the PDF document and submit it together with the other documentations.

Business Invitation Letter

A business invitation letter is mandatory to process a business invitation letter. The concerned person can obtain it via the Russian company that invites him. The company needs to request it via the MVD’s General Directorate of Immigration. The format of the letter can be in print or electronic.

The concerned person can also purchase an invitation letter. He can buy it through several agencies online.

Letter Of Invitation For Studies

A person who wants the Russian Invitation Letter for studies should get in touch with the educational institution. The institution is going to process the invitation letter and send it to him.

Other Sorts Of Invitation Letters

Besides the ones we have mentioned above, other sorts of invitation letter are there. Examples? Those issued for journalists, work, and people who take part in artistic, scientific, or cultural activities. Those given for people taking part in international sporting events and taking part in exchange programs between cities. Those issued for drivers who perform international transport of people or goods, etc.