What are the Pros and Cons of Using Mobile Car Servicing

Mobile car mechanics have increased in popularity all around the world over the last 8 to 10 years. This trend has been liked by most people because they offer car mechanic services at your doorstep as well as the shift towards customer convenience.

Taking your car to the garage for servicing can take a lot of your time in order to get your car repaired. But in the case of mobile mechanics, they will come straight to your place, whether you are in your home, at work, or in the middle of the road. This is one of the major reasons why this type of service is more popular.

CB Auto Service is one of the popular mobile car mechanic Perth. They are experts in offering valuable and convenient mobile car service, which covers all the makes and models from small-sized cars to large SUVs. No matter what type of problem you have in your car, they will come straight to your place with a fully equipped mobile workshop for service and maintenance. Their main goal is to save your money and keep you happy by offering efficient services at reasonable rates.

Let us take a look at why more people are opting for this type of service and what disadvantages they also have.



One of the major benefits of using a mobile car mechanic is that they will come directly to your place for servicing your vehicle. Whether you are in the office and your car is parked in your office parking or you are at your home, a mobile car mechanic will reach your location and start doing their work. This eliminates the need to take time for servicing your vehicle and also you can save more amount of money.

Reduced Costs:

Another great benefit of using a mobile car mechanic to service your car is the price. They will cost about 20% less than traditional garage mechanics. This is perfect for simple services that don’t require a lot of effort and time especially for changing the oil, checking the battery power, minor brake pad issues, etc. Also, you can be able to save money on additional towing fees.


When you are using a mobile car mechanic, you can meet and even supervise the work in order to get a clear idea about what is going on with your car. This is not possible in the traditional garages, and you need to sit for a long time in the meeting room until your car gets serviced.



It doesn’t matter what weather you have in your location when you take your car to the workshop for servicing. But in the case of mobile mechanics, it is hard to reach your home in bad weather conditions and it is impossible to carry out any repair work.

The Limited Scope of Work:

Mobile car mechanics have a limited amount of equipment, which is comparatively less than the equipment in the physical mechanic shops. Although they have trucks or vans with lots of high-tech tools, they don’t have a lift like a shop to raise your vehicle nor have complex computer systems.


Getting services from a mobile car mechanic is still advantageous and more reliable. If you want to relax while servicing your car, you need to hire a reputable mobile car mechanic to help with your car issue while being in the comfort of your home.