What Are The Techniques In Facial Cupping

Facial Cupping is a technique used to improve the quality and appearance of the skin by inserting tiny needles into specific points of the face and neck. The purpose of these small tools is to stimulate the skin cells and increase circulation. The increased circulation then carries more oxygen and nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin, making them healthier. Facial Cupping can be performed on almost any area of the face or body. The only exceptions are areas of very sensitive skin where allergic reactions may occur.

To perform Facial Cupping, a practitioner injects a mild anesthesia and then inserts tiny needles into the targeted areas. While this doesn’t involve the use of anesthetics, most people report feeling a little bit numb at the time of the treatment. The needles are designed to be so small that they are hardly noticeable. Many patients do not feel a thing, but there are those who do.

Facial Cupping has been around for centuries as a way to maintain the youthful appearance of someone’s face. In the ancient Chinese culture it was a common beauty treatment. In India, the mukhis or the face cleansers were made from powdered herbal ingredients. Now, in the west and many parts of Europe, we use Facial Cupping techniques to tighten the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and promote the overall health of the skin. Some of these facials may also include the use of clay masks to absorb oil and dirt from the face.

Facial Cupping can be used either on its own or in conjunction with other treatments. Regular facials help to maintain moisture in the skin and are also excellent for exfoliation. Exfoliation, which also uses the same small tools mentioned above, helps remove dead skin cells and also allows for the natural rejuvenation process that all skin types experience.

Facial Cupping is also sometimes used in combination with other treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser treatment. Chemical peels remove the outer most layer of skin to expose younger, healthier layers. Microdermabrasion and laser treatments help to slough off the dead and dry skin cells. However, before you start any of these treatments you should consult with a dermatologist or similar qualified professional. Your doctor will be able to advise you which facial would suit your skin best, based on its sensitivity to the treatments.

Facial Cupping is done through the use of a very fine needle and is not painful. Once the Green Beauty is applied, the needle is pushed down deeper into the skin. As the skin is massaged, it is pressed gently but firmly. A constant stream of Green Beauty is then injected into the area. As the skin is pummeled and pressed, a slight redness may appear around the injection site. This is perfectly normal and will soon fade away.

Facial cupping provides an excellent way to rejuvenate your skin and can be very soothing and refreshing. One should only perform this procedure under the supervision of a trained and experienced Facial Cupping Practitioner. Some Facial Cupping practitioners also offer a variety of skin-tightening creams and body lotions that can be used in conjunction with the Facial Cupping treatment. Before undergoing a Facial Cupping session one should ensure that one is free of allergies, heartburn or other similar conditions. Also one should not smoke, drink alcohol or use products which have an adverse effect on the skin, such as fragrances, colorants or preservatives. This treatment can be carried out in different sessions scheduled at varying intervals.