What are the Top Security Features to Look for When Buying a Home in a Residential Community

When you are planning to buy a home in a residential community, it is essential to consider not only the security technologies for your home but also need to know what systems are protecting the community. Prestige Park Grove is a supremely designed residential building complex, which provides peaceful living in apartments with splendid attributes. There are several amenities that come with the gated community ranging from swimming pools to community parks to the increased sense of security that comes with the gated environment.

The following are the top security technologies you should take a look at when buying a home in the residential community.

Non-Touch Access Control:

Nowadays, touchless access control is becoming more popular as a top security measure. They provide several safety features of access control with additional hygienic features. You don’t need to touch the doorknobs and keypads for entering the building, you just need to scan the credentials to enter. This results in reducing the number of touchpoints and avoids the spread of germs.

Keyless Access Control:

Keyless door entry systems are the greater form of touchless access control, which helps in managing the authorization without losing your hygiene. It can be used with several accessories like keyfobs, keycards, and digital access credentials. It is harder to use keycards to break into your home because they are very difficult to duplicate. Also, it is very easy to deactivate your keycard if it is lost or stolen. Keyless access control is a safer option and more convenient. This type of door entry has several benefits that make your life in a residential community safer and simpler.

Door Intercom Systems:

If you don’t want to carry a key to access shared facilities, door intercom systems are helpful. This type of security equipment has audio and video establishments, which allows the security to communicate with residents whenever they require access. A security guard can identify the user through a video and if they find any issues, they use the audio feature to start interacting with them. Door intercom systems are widely used for remotely managing shared community spaces in order to ensure easy accessibility with more security, which makes this one of the best smart home tech installations.

Video Surveillance Systems:

If someone steals your entry credentials, they will use them to enter your community. This can be avoided by using a security camera integrated with your community access control system. Integrating the access control and video cameras provide dual verification of the credentials. Video cameras help in comparing the user identity with the image on the credentials to ensure that they match each other. If the matches are not the same, the system starts to alert the security team.


Enhancing security doesn’t only allow you to live without fear but is also helpful in increasing your peace of mind. When you are buying a home in a residential community, make sure to look for the above-mentioned security technologies that are available and ensure that they are helpful in supporting your home security systems in order to live a peaceful life without any fear.