What are the Types of Interior Doors

Doors are the main component of the house, and it acts as a barrier to the entrance of your home. doors allow the people and other goods to enter and leave. Doors also help you in maintaining the privacy and safety of your home when it is closed. Open doors provide lighting and ventilation to your home and give an aesthetic view to your home. doors are equipped with several locking mechanisms which allow the entrance to only selected people and keep others out from entering inside your home. You can Shop Interior Doors from the doorpluswindows website, and they will provide several ranges of doors with the highest levels of quality.

What are the Types of Interior Doors

Types of Interior Doors:

The following are the different types of interior doors which can be in several styles and configurations.

French Doors:

French doors are the most common type of interior door style. This type of door is made with glass panels that extend from up to down. French doors are suitable for the exterior side but make a great impact when it is on the inside. These types of doors are used in the closet or to separate different spaces in your home. French doors can be painted according to your need, but the white color will give you a sleek and clean look that can fit with your home interior.

Flush Doors:

Flush doors are very flat and plain surfaces without having any panels or ornamentations. These are simple and cheapest designs, which makes this type of door more popular among other types. Flush doors are more flexible that can be suitable for your home design. These types of doors are stronger, durable, and insulated with different proofing options. If you are looking for a simple door, these flush doors may be the best option.

Panel Doors:

Panel doors are also simple and have more appeal and detail. They are divided into different panels and can run either vertically or horizontally. Panel doors can be custom-made according to your need and you can have from two to twelve panels. This type of door is also coming with glass inserts.

Glass Doors:

Glass doors are made from glasses, which are toughened to increase their strength and are about ½ to ¾ inches in thickness. You can have a full glass door, or you can combine it with other materials like wood and metal. Sliding glass doors have wooden or metal frames and are most commonly used in commercial areas. Swing glass doors are hinged or frameless and provide a modern look that can be used in residential areas, especially in the bathrooms and showers.

Bi-Fold Doors:

Bi-fold doors are sliding doors that are attached to the hinges. This type of door uses slider or hinge mechanisms and can be made from the materials like wood, metal, glass, or vinyl. Bifold doors are suitable for small places like laundry rooms, closets, pantries, and outdoor areas like gardens or balconies. These type of doors create open spaces, which allows natural light entering to your home and provides enough ventilation.


Interior doors are more popular among homeowners because they can spark up your home design and gives an aesthetic look. Also, it helps you in dividing your private places from the public space.