What Are The Views Of Joel Henry On TripAdvisor

Tours travel and attractions have been the fastest-growing sector of the industry over the last couple of years. Online sales of tickets and reservations have also been increasing in the last few years. However, all of these changed in 2020 when the global pandemic started looming large over the globe. In the pandemic, the worst-hit businesses were the ones related to travel and tourism. Joel Henry, a well-reputed digital designer, based in Italy, decided to do something about the situation. And, one of the answers that he came up with was this underrated tool called TripAdvisor.

Joel Henry And His Initiative Related To TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a useful tool even though it has remained underrated so far. Joel Henry has been working in the field of photography and digital designing for years. His company is called Beliked, and it has garnered a good reputation in the field through its collection of tech enthusiasts, artists, and explorers. Henry has carried out a lot of research to determine how and what can get improved under the pandemic situation for the businesses involved in travel and tourism. TripAdvisor was the name that came up to him in all his research about the pandemic situation for such companies.

Thousands of companies of varied scales are present on the TripAdvisor platform. So, the potential to carry out business on this platform is immense. When Joel Henry started consulting and taking into account such realities, he received exceptional feedback in terms of the business potential of the platform.

The Findings Regarding The Business Potential Of TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor has immense potential in terms of improving business through digital designing and photography, which are both fortes of Joel Henry. Businesses can attract new customers by putting up high-quality images and trying to get more positive reviews about their services. Many businesses ask customers to leave a review on TripAdvisor if they feel satisfied with the service they received.

Thus, as the businesses get better reviews and put up a good front on the platform, their prospect to scale higher and get better ranks also increases in tandem. As the businesses are trying to recover from the blow of the pandemic, Joel Henry believes that TripAdvisor can be instrumental in their comeback.

Joel Henry and his exceptional work in photography and digital designing have earned him a lot of repute in his field. His company Beliked has already worked with top brands on several projects, with more plans in the pipeline. You can learn more about the research done by Joel Henry in this regard at Joelhenry.it. You can also get in touch with Joel Henry on his Instagram handle- https://www.instagram.com/joe.henryy/.