What do you Know about Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is about capturing the personality, essence, identity, and attitude of the person by using the background, lighting, and posing. It can be one of the most challenging forms of a photograph to master. The main goal is to capture a photo that appears both natural and prepared to allow the personality of the subject to show.

A professional portrait photographer is responsible for taking pictures of their subjects. They find the best location and background with the correct lighting in order to get the best results for the portrait photograph. Violet Gorgi is a professional portrait photographer in Indianapolis, who only focuses on creating beautiful portraits of her subject while maintaining the expressions. Most professional portrait photographers provide posing tips to their subjects and also they can edit and print the photos and give them to their clients.

Why it is Important?

Portrait photography can be important for several reasons and those reasons may differ from one to another. It is important for historic preservation, personal branding, and also for personal pleasure. A perfect portrait photograph can bring emotions and feelings to the viewer and helps in bringing back the memories.

Professional photographer can share their works with their audience and uncover the sense of connected emotion within them. A photo becomes a portrait when the subject with the background, lighting, and emotion can evoke a sense of connection between the portrait photograph and the viewer.

Types of Portrait Photography:

The following are some of the types of portrait photography.

Traditional Portraits:

Traditional portraits have the subject looking straight at the camera in a posed position. This type of portrait is usually shot within the studio with the help of studio lighting and a prepared background. This type of portrait is usually cropped at the head and shoulders and often comes to mind when people think of portraits.

Lifestyle Portraits:

This type of portrait photography features people while doing their everyday activities. In this type, the subject looks casual and appears to be unaware of the camera. A professional portrait photographer often directs as opposed to posing in order to create a lifestyle portrait, which is more candid and effectively illustrates the subject in the natural environment.

Environmental Portraits:

Environmental portrait photography is taken in the person’s normal environment and not in a photographic studio. This type of portrait usually takes place within the location and environment, which is important to the subject. Environmental portraits are slightly different from lifestyle portraits and are often more posed than the other type.

Family Portraits:

Family portraits feature all the family members as the subject and focus on emotion, love, and their relationship. Also, this type of portrait involves group poses and interactions between the members in order to create a candid photograph.


Portrait photography features people as the main subject and the photographer has to take control over the lighting and location in order to get a perfect portrait. From the above, you can get a piece of detailed knowledge about portrait photography and its types.