What Temperature Does a SmCo Magnet Work At

Samarium cobalt magnets, usually referred to as SmCo magnets, are a special kind of rare-earth magnet with outstanding magnetic characteristics. Due to their great resistance to demagnetization and outstanding performance at high temperatures, these magnets are extensively employed in a variety of industries. The temperature range at which SmCo magnets can function well will be examined in this article, as well as their special qualities that make them the best option for demanding applications.

SmCo Magnets: What You Need to Know

Samarium cobalt magnets are made of samarium, a rare earth element, and cobalt, a transition metal. They have specific benefits over other magnets as a result of their composition, such as strong magnetic strength, superior temperature stability, and resistance to corrosion. There are two primary SmCo magnet compositions: Sm1Co5 and Sm2Co17, with the latter being utilized more often.

Temperature Range:

The capacity of SmCo magnets to function well at high temperatures is one of its unique characteristics. SmCo magnets can endure far greater temperatures than neodymium magnets, which start to lose their magnetism at temperatures beyond 80 degrees Celsius. Typically, SmCo magnets can function dependably in a temperature range of -40 to 250 degrees Celsius (-40 to 482 degrees Fahrenheit). They are excellent for high-temperature applications in the aerospace, automotive, and industrial industries where stability and magnetic strength are essential.

Advantages of SmCo Magnets at High Temperatures:

Temperature Stability:

SmCo magnets are very stable even in high-temperature environments. Due to this quality, they may be used in situations where other magnets would not work, such as high-temperature sensors, motors, and actuators.

High Magnetic Strength: SmCo magnets provide continuous performance in demanding applications by maintaining their strong magnetic characteristics even at high temperatures. They are very useful in equipment like MRI machines and magnetic couplings that need dependable and strong magnetic fields because of this property.

Corrosion Resistance: SmCo magnets have a good corrosion resistance and may often be used without extra protective coatings. This characteristic is especially helpful in fields like the oil and gas and maritime sectors where contact to chemicals or dampness is widespread.

Longevity: SmCo magnets’ endurance and longevity are a result of their capacity to sustain their magnetic strength at high temperatures. They are more cost-effective in the long term since they have a longer operating lifetime than other magnet kinds.

Applications of SmCo Magnets:

SmCo magnets are widely used in many sectors due to their special properties. A few noteworthy uses are:

Aerospace and Defense: SmCo magnets are utilized in aircraft equipment where dependability and performance at high temperatures are crucial, such as satellite systems, actuators, and radar systems.

Motors and Generators: These magnets are essential to the functioning of high-temperature motors, generators, and servomotors in demanding industrial applications.

Medical Equipment: Due to its strong magnetic properties and resilience at high temperatures, SmCo magnets are used in medical equipment including MRI scanners and magnetic separators.

Sensors: Accuracy and durability are essential in high-temperature sensors used in automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications.


The SmCo China magnet is used in a variety of sectors because of their outstanding performance at high temperatures. To fulfill the expanding needs of businesses that need dependable and effective magnetic solutions, SmCo magnets are still produced and supplied by manufacturers all over the globe, including China magnet makers.