Why Traditional Postage Advertising is Good for Business

Everybody likes a good bargain, especially when trying to run a business as cost-effectively as possible. One of the costs in a business’s budget that takes a surmountable amount is advertising. In today’s world, with technology and so many options, people can feel overwhelmed by what will suit their marketing, and advertising needs best. Some options are more expensive than others, and expensive does not guarantee a successful advert campaign or marketing strategy.

The mailbox is one of the oldest and most commonly used methods to receive and deliver a package. Many people today still have a postal address for their mailbox that is actively in use. Plastic postcards are one-way traditional postage that allows a business to be unique in messaging and connect to many local clients with much less money to spend. This article will prove that.

Advantages Of The Mailbox

On average most homes have a postal address with a mailbox which is accessed very often. That’s because important letters and utility bills are often posted through traditional mailboxes. In today’s world of advanced technology, it is no longer referred to as ‘snail mail’ since many services offer physical deliveries in record time.

Since important documentation from the government is sent to traditional mailboxes, you are guaranteed that people regularly access their mailboxes. It gives an undoubted chance for eyes to be on advertising material.

Mailboxes allow you to focus on the required target audience, the local area where the company operates. It prevents spending extra money trying to cast the net far and wide, like in digital advertising. People in the local area will find accessing the company less of a hassle and more inclined to engage since it is in their local area.

Posting mail is cheaper than creating online digital marketing and advertising strategy. It requires payment to several online platforms just to put up advertisements for a limited period, and the target audience is not as focused, unlike the traditional mailing system. Physical mail is also more stable as aspects like online fraud are reduced, and the company’s integrity can be verified easily, for example, by using simple measures like a QR code to verify the authenticity of the postcard.

There can be information overload if many different companies send postage to people’s mailboxes, and seeing many postcards at once can lead to an overload of information. To prevent this issue, laminated postcards create a different and unique feel compared to the common type of paper used. This tactile difference will give a clue to the individual to have a look, and now their eyes are on the business.

Which Businesses Need Such Services?

Any business looking to attract local customers, especially those that require a physical presence and those that a business owner is trying to advertise, requires the people in their locale more than someone miles away from them. Here are some examples of businesses that can benefit from plastic postcards.

1. Restaurant Businesses

Restaurants and diners are locked into a physical location, and using postal services to target the locals of the area is inexpensive and effective. Laminated postcards can do just that. A restaurant can even create a reward system and use the card, and such initiatives keep customers coming back.

2. Home Service Businesses

Who doesn’t like a clean and tidy home? From pest control to cleaning companies and even gardening, such businesses take care of the locals’ homes. Having cards, especially ones coated in plastic, to give the edge will help with standing out from the competition. Postal services will reach the exact target audience being serviced, the locals.

3. Retail Businesses

Plastic postcard mailers can inform customers of upcoming offers and sales. Retail is about getting as many people through the door of your business and buying as much as possible. A postcard advertisement strategy with unique offers can keep customers coming back and buying more.

4. Automotive Businesses

Getting more traffic by postal services to the locals in the area is the goal. Many people own vehicles or know a person with one. The issue may be finding the right automotive shop to trust. Good quality postal cards are a good way to create awareness and spread the word.

5. Health & Beauty Businesses

Whether it’s a gym, hair salon, make-up parlor, or a niche business for skincare, having such cards to be posted in the mail is a great way for the local population to find out about your business. It also gives room to show images of results achieved, which will further convince potential clients.

6. Real Estate Businesses

This offers a short and sweet way to quickly show customers current house listings or real estate offers such as reduced prices. The locals are the primary homeowners, renters, and the exact target audience for such a business. Using postal services is smart, cheaper, and effective.

7. Casino Businesses

Casinos are all about the flash, cash, and excitement. A well-presented postcard can elicit excitement and curiosity in the customer, and it’s easier for the local population to access such services. People are more willing to access entertainment areas within their locale.

8. Franchise businesses

Incentives like a reward system can be used by any franchise trying to attract customers that already know the brand and new ones who are curious. The cards could be used to redeem awards or points that can give them a bonus that is all rewarded with gifts.


The plastic-covered cards are also environmentally conscious since a card can last for years or months without much damage. It is also unique to the touch of other cards in your mail, unlike cards that are not laminated and can be easily damaged. Customers may ask for a replacement, and the business will have to cover that cost. Overall, they save money, are environmentally friendly, and are unique enough to stand out from all the mail clutter. Standard/traditional postage of plastic postcards is a win-win.