Amazon Is As Great An Online Marketplace As Ebay How Is It Better For Sellers

There is denying the power of eBay. From 1995, this online platform has been amongst the biggest marketplaces worldwide. It has made numerous hobbyists Power Sellers and has made many more profit at their at-home businesses. Nevertheless, the eBay market has changed considerably over recent years. Quite a few policy changes have caused a departure from his trending online marketplace for buying and selling goods. A great many sellers who have departed the platform seek more rewarding online marketplaces.  They have quite a few platforms to try out. One of them is Amazon. This platform has come a long way from its humble origin. It was a bookstore portal that dropshipped a great deal of its catalog.

It is now amongst the most visited websites worldwide, offering millions of goods of various categories.

How Is Amazon Like Ebay?

Like eBay, Amazon has a massive marketplace that plenty of buyers have faith in.

The huge buyer base is a plus point. Many will feel that they’re getting a lesser percentage of a greater pie on such a large platform. While the slice is smaller in percentage to the full pie, the pie’s dimension ensures that people get a decent amount. The enormous traffic volume on Amazon is perhaps the key reason for its Sellers Choice profitability rating was like eBay.

Like eBay, Amazon has an algorithm that recommends a seller’s products to people who could find them interesting. The recommendation is based on search histories.

Direct Comparison Of Amazon To Ebay

So, why will people want to sell on Amazon instead of eBay?

EBay is more of an auction house. Thus, except for a seller who lists his stuff as “Buy It Now,” folks will bid to purchase. In such a case, a product could take a week to sell. Amazon is a conventional retail system, and sales are prompt with a set price.

EBay takes a fee from a seller to list here, whether the sale is a success or not. It also takes a commission for a sale. A seller does not have to pay to list on Amazon. Thus, he has nothing to lose when his listing is unsuccessful. However, he pays $0.99 for every item he sells besides a commission if he has a free seller’s account.

A disadvantage of eBay is in offering sellers extra services to buyers. Earlier, a seller could find ebay consignment sellers near me. Now, consignment stores have dwindled drastically.

In contrast, Amazon offers several perks for sellers who pay for Prime membership. Two of them are 2-day shipping on every qualified order and excellent overall customer service. Why would a seller take the trouble of finding ebay consignment sellers near me with such a smooth selling process on Amazon?

On Amazon, smaller sellers have an easier time fulfilling customer orders. The reason is the AFN. The supply chain of Amazon offers sellers three significant advantages. They are stocking inventory nearer to customers, getting timely consignments to customers, and handling customer service. Sellers do not get these facilities on eBay.