What Are The Different Types Of Ice Maker Machines

Ice makers are a necessity for certain types of businesses, and even in certain homes. But, one of the first things that you need to know about buying an ice maker machine is their types. There are multiple types of ice makers available in the market. The one that suits you the best is dependent on the space you have, your daily ice requirement, and your budget. So, keeping all that in mind, here is a brief outline of the major types of ice makers. Read on to know more about choosing the right ice machine.

Modular Ice Makers

A modular ice maker machine is used for making ice in big batches. These units are able to deliver over a thousand pounds of ice per day if that is a capacity your business needs. You will find such ice machines in restaurants and hotels. These are large in size and need proper ventilation to be installed.

Under-Counter Ice Makers

Under-counter ice makers are made to hide below a kitchen or bar counter. These machines are costly and have high capacity. It can produce three to four hundred pounds of ice each day. Under-counter ice machines are a good choice when you regularly need to fill up ice chests for the kitchen or bar.

Countertop Ice Makers

Countertop ice machines are compact and small units that are about half the size of an under-counter ice maker. In fact, they are also cheaper than the under-counter ice makers. These machines can produce about twenty to eighty pounds of ice each day. If you are not remodeling your kitchen and want something that fits the existing space, then these are good ideas.

Portable Ice Makers

If you are searching for the ice machine that you can move anywhere you want in the kitchen, to the garage, or to different rooms, then get a portable ice maker. These machines are among the cheapest in the market. It also makes the least amount of ice. You will get a maximum of sixty pounds of ice per day from the machine.

In-Built Ice Makers

The in-built is the combination of under-counter and countertop ice maker. It is the kind of ice maker that is commonly seen in high-end kitchens. It can fit under the kitchen or bar counter. However, the capacity of an in-built ice machine has a relatively low capacity of about thirty pounds each day. But, they are insulated storage to keep the ice cold for long.

Hopefully, you have a clear idea now about the kind of ice maker that you need, based on your needs and available space. So, go ahead and start researching on the suitable models as per your budget.