Why Are Self Defense Products Important For Women

Women’s safety has always been a concern throughout the world. In third world countries, women’s safety is a big issue. But, it does not mean women are safe in first world countries. A lot of crimes against women have been registered daily. A large number of women complain about harassment and violence from the opposite gender. In such a scenario, the government is trying its best to ensure top-notch women’s safety. However, that is not just enough to give confidence to women. For safety, women use to carry safety devices, gadgets, etc. So, what are the best self-defense gadgets for women? Find a list of such products in the following section.

1. Mace Spray Or Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is an excellent product to have for the safety of women. It is easily available, and you do not need a license to keep your bag’s product. You can find pepper spray guns in various online stores. You can also find them at local stores. They are simple to use. The mechanism is similar to using a deodorant spray or body mist. If you feel that someone is trying to attack you, apply the pepper spray on his face to teach him a lesson. It is one of the best self defense products.

2. Tactical Pen

It looks like a simple pen. This product can be a crucial self-defense gadget. You can use this as a sharp object to attack your attacker. The product is easy to carry. It does not look like a self-defense weapon. These are two major benefits of using the tactical pen for self-defense. However, there is a drawback. It would help if you went to close contact with the attacker when you are using this pen. So, you have to be careful and cunning when you are using this product for your defense.

3. Self-Defense Keychain

This is another unique product that women can carry for their self-defense. Among various self defense products, this is quite an affordable one. It is a simple keychain with a sharp nail finish. You can use the keychain to punch the attackers. With one punch, your attacker will take a heavy blow on the face. While he tries to get out of the shock, you can escape the place. It is easy to carry and simple to use the product. 

4. Taser Gun

Also known as Stun Gun, Taser Gun is a popular self-defense product for women. This is a non-lethal weapon that can effectively immobilize the attackers for a few seconds. It fires a dirt-like electrode on the attacker. As a result, he becomes immobilized. You do not need a license for possessing this self-defense product. It is also easily available.

Having these simple products in possession is a necessity for every woman today. Keeping them in hand will boost your confidence when you go outside.