A Comparison Of Home Care Services And Nursing Homes

If you want to know the advantages of home care service then read this article. The benefits of home health care are many. Patients who are disabled, bedridden, paralyzed, immobile, and those that cannot meet their own independent needs, who have become bedridden because of a disease or an accident that has left them bedridden, are those that would benefit from services of home health aides. There are a lot of services that these health aides offer to patients. They prepare meals, take vital signs of the patient, administer medications, help dress wounds, and assist with bathing. These are some of the tasks performed by the home health aides.

Aside from these services that are being provided by the home health aides, the caregiver also provides companionship to the patient. In this way the patient gets all the comfort he or she needs while receiving care at home. The caregivers of the patient have the privileges of being the legal caregivers of the patient, however they are subject to the provisions laid down in the civil law system.

When it comes to the advantages of home health care services, there are two categories that people can choose from. One category is custodial care where the family or any other caregivers give the patient their personal care. This category includes baby-sitting and attending to small children, grooming, feeding, and other personal care services. The second category is medical assisting where the family or any other caregivers provide medical assistance such as taking vital signs of the patient, administering drugs, and treating severe conditions like seizures and heart attacks. Medical assistants have the advantage of earning a substantial amount of salary, especially if they render more than one service. This can translate to a higher and more lucrative income for them.

Another advantage of the services offered by the caregiver is companionship. One of the most common reasons why families prefer to hire home health aides is because they provide emotional support and companionship to the patient. They help them lead a normal life even when receiving care at home. These caregivers can do things that make the patient feel comfortable and relaxed such as taking him or her for a walk or just simply talking to him or her. Moreover, they make the patient feel happy since they bring joy and cheer whenever they see them smiling radiantly. These companionship services also help the patients eliminate certain fears that might keep them away from the outside world including phobias and other mental problems.

Start a home care business in Virginia, there are also some disadvantages of companionship services. First is the cost of hiring these caregivers. There are some who charge high fees for their services while there are also those who offer them at affordable prices. There are also instances that they do not show up the required service and that can put the care-giver in a tight situation. The best way to look for companionship services is through referrals from relatives or friends.

Another disadvantage of these services is that their presence can disrupt the family’s life. For instance, if the loved one requiring attention requires medical care but the caregiver is not available, the family may opt to send the patient to the hospital. In this case, they will have to spend additional money just to send someone else to attend to the patient. There are cases wherein home medical care service may be provided instead. This type of service allows family members to work at home and enjoy the company of other family members during this time.