Checking A Caregivers Background Can Help You Recruit Quality Staff

Start a home health care business in Wisconsin by finding and recruit quality caregivers for your clients. A home care agency is a great way to provide compassionate care services for the elderly and for their children in the event of an unexpected or extended illness or injury. A professional caregiver understands that the best caregivers come from within, while a client may place the highest priority on someone else. Therefore, you must find and recruit quality caregivers in order to fill all of the necessary positions.

As an independent home care services business, your primary responsibility will be to find and recruit the right caregivers for each client. You may also have a variety of duties associated with different residents. It is important that your agency has a qualified staff in order to provide excellent care services. If you lack sufficient knowledge and understanding of the needs and behaviors of your residents, you are not equipped to serve them effectively.

When you find and recruit quality caregivers for your home care agency, you can also provide them with the appropriate training so that they can provide the best services possible. Once you find and recruit a qualified caregiver, he or she should be provided with a detailed curriculum vitae (CV), a letter of recommendation from a previous client, and a copy of their medical insurance card. The agency should also have a list of all of its contracted and certified caregivers.

To successfully recruit and place quality caregivers in your agency, it is important that you use a thorough background check process when selecting applicants. Background checks are not only performed on the prospective caregiver; they also are needed on the agencies that he or she is working for, as well. Many agencies place a “cut-rate” employee on each assigned caregiver. If you want to find and recruit quality employees, you need to use a detailed background check procedure on each of the agencies that you contract with.

Once you hire a caregiver, he or she should be scheduled for two or three full days of training. This is a requirement of the AED (automated external defibrillator) program that your agency offers. Each new caregiver must complete a minimum of six hours of training. The agency may also require some documentation and photos. You may want to provide a copy of the photos to a previous agency that may be hiring a new caregiver.

There are many agencies that offer recruitment services. The Internet is a good resource for agencies that offer these types of services. A website can help you find a qualified caregiver and place an online ad. Some agencies offer online chat, phone, and walk-in service options to potential candidates. You can also find and recruit qualified individuals by attending many recruitment services events around the country.