Gifting On National Dog Day

Started by the famous Colleen Paige, this day is famously celebrated around the world on August 26. It was initiated in the year 2004. This day was incorporated to spread awareness about dog care and increase the adoption of stray dogs. Many dog lovers around the world have started many campaigns and have spread awareness to the people. They have tried to educate people regarding the different breeds in their respective geography and helped them to understand the importance of safeguarding them. From an environmental perspective, each animal in this world is important for maintaining the equilibrium of bio-diversity. So, it is important to safeguard every animal.

Dogs have been companions of humans for a very long time. Their ability to adapt, befriend and provide protection to their owners were heavily appreciated and exploited. Dogs were used for hunting, guarding and even shepherds use them to properly guide the cattle while grazing. Nowadays, they are more like a family member and a close companion in many homes. They have adapted to the modern home scenario and have recessed their hunting and aggressive abilities. Yet there are some breeds that still show that aggressiveness in their behaviour. But humans have a long history of taming this animal. So, today dogs are considered to be the best pet animal a person can have.

Celebrating National Dog Day With Dog Portraits

If you know someone with a dog or a dog lover, you might want to support them on national dog day. You can volunteer to support their activities during that day. It is best to appreciate the dog kind as a gratitude for their service to humanity. Now they have become part and parcel of a home community. So, if you want to present your dearest dog lovers with a unique gift then you must look out for Renaissance Pet Portraits.

Pet portraits are simple but unique photographs of pets that can be traditionally framed or printed on some things. You can have a custom-made pet portrait for a specific pet such as the dog. There are dogs with cute faces and some breeds can look a little rugged. You can have a theme that suits your dog’s personality and looks. Renaissance pet portraits bring a vintage look to your dogs and portray them like a medieval king or queen. Also, you can alter your backdrops, add some accessories and increase the beauty of the portrait. This will prove to be one of the best gifts you can give a dog lover on international dog day. So, take a picture of your friend’s pet right away and get an adorable portrait for them so that it will be a memorable day.