How Can Automatic Glass Doors Improve Accessibility in Public Spaces

One of the biggest advantages of using an automatic door in public spaces is its ability to provide the best accessibility. You can enter and exit the space with ease and avoid many potential inefficiencies and health hazards with an automatic glass door setup.

In this article, we will discuss how automatic glass doors improve accessibility in public spaces and provide you with the utmost convenience.

Understanding Accessibility Challenges in Public Spaces

Public spaces are complicated. You cannot expect a monotonous situation at all times. There are many physical barriers in public spaces that may hinder the accessibility to the common crowd.

Primarily, accessibility problems are faced by physically challenged citizens. They find it difficult to navigate public spaces if there aren’t sophisticated setups.

The entrance to a building must have easy accessibility for all kinds of people. If it becomes difficult to enter and exit the building, then the space will be less desirable for the public to visit often. This will impact the business very significantly and you don’t want this to happen at all.

Therefore, improving accessibility in public spaces is very important to provide easy access to all people and prevent loss of traffic into the space.

How Automatic Doors Increase Accessibility?

The mechanism of automatic doors is the major reason for the improved accessibility. They avoid the necessity to push or pull the door to enter public space. This is a highly sophisticated solution for physically challenged people and also for the common crowd.

The doors automatically open and close with the help of motion sensors that actuate when a motion is detected. So, you don’t have to touch the door or put some effort into entering a building.

Due to this automation, people can access the public space without any effort. This effortless experience drives more traffic and people will not feel frustrated to visit the space often. Also, the physically challenged citizens don’t need any kind of assistance to move around the space and they can enter or exit seamlessly.

You can install such sophisticated doors from the Puertas Automaticas Valencia and enhance the accessibility of the building.

Since there are motion sensors attached to the door frame, it can efficiently sense a person before they reach the door and open it. This enables the person to pass through without any delays.

Also, the doors are equipped with necessary safety features to prevent accidental closing and to avoid inactivity during power outages.


This is how an automatic glass door in a public space enhances accessibility. The use of such automatic doors has become crucial to enable the public to visit the space without much effort.