How Do You Use a Coupling in Pipe Fitting

Pipe couplings are short length of tube or pipes with socket or threads at one or both ends. These are used to join two pipes or tubes of different or same sizes to be attached together. It helps to extend the range of pipes and also used for changing the size of the pipe. Couplings in pipes are used to repair or modify the leaked and damaged pipes.

How Do You Use Coupling as Pipe Fitting?

Pipe couplings are made up of similar materials of the pipes it joins. It may be either rigid or flexible type depends on the movement of the pipe. This can join two different pipe of various internal diameters. The sizes may be of T-shaped, crossed shape, or angled ones to form the bends.

Couplings under the pipe fittings are mainly classified into two different categories. They are as follows,

Permanent or rigid coupling

Removable or flexible coupling

Permanent or Fixed Couplings:

Permanent couplings are fixed in a pipe or hose to make a permanent joint between them. This kind of couplings uses soldering or brazing for steel and copper pipes and adhesives for PVC material pipes. When these couplings are installed correctly, it provides extra rigidity and sealing characteristics. This couplings are permanent in the pipes, unless it faces any damage or repair.

Removable or Flexible Couplings:

Removable couplings uses threaded design which allows then to be screwed when it needs to joined with a pipe. The section of the coupling is little larger than the pipe which needs to be joined and cut with the internal threads. Both ends of the pipes are threaded, and it is sealed with the sealing tape and screwed with the pipes. For example, Flush Face Couplings are used in the change of hydraulic equipments in construction field, railway maintenance and mining industries. For the ease of cleaning, which makes these couplings ideal for the use in hostile environments.

What are the Types of Pipe Coupling?

The types of pipe couplings are stated below,

Full couplings: It is used for connecting small bore pipes together. It can be threaded or having sockets at their both ends.

Half coupling: These are used attach small bore of pipes from a vessel or a larger type of bore pipe. These are also have threads or sockets but it is having that on one end.

Reducing coupling: Reducing couplings are used to connect two pipes of various diameters. These re having two different size of threads on their both sides. One side thread is totally different from another side.

Compression coupling: This connects two perfectly aligned pipes in which the tapered sleeve is placed over the junction and flanges over the sleeve.


Couplings plays a major role in joining the pipes without letting any spillage. It’s better to have a deep knowledge about their types and working, in order to get its maximum effects.