Rose, Yellow, or White- What Women Want

Rose, Yellow, or White- What Women Want

You may have struck gold the day she said yes to your nerve-wracking, “Will you marry me?” But do you know which gold she would prefer for a ring? Probably, you haven’t given it a thought. If you are seriously planning to get hitched real soon, then you should give it a thought. After all, it is the day when you would like to impress her the most. The ring is the perfect symbol of what you feel for her. And gold wedding rings, for women, are a good choice.

In ancient times, gold was just a precious stone with immense ornamental value. Then came the journey of the Magus in the Holy Bible. This validated gold’s stand for purity. At weddings, it found a new meaning. It depicted the purity of hearts and their togetherness.

As being one of the most precious metals, gold has been living through different experiments. From the early alchemy to modern chemistry, it has evolved many times and still is. Now it has countless stories and traditions of distant times and lands to tell. So, the next time you step into a jeweler’s sanctum, keep a few of it in mind. This would help you in buying the right one for your love.

What should you keep in your mind?

A few things would set the pace for your little adventure. Browse a little and brace yourself for the following points-

· Style- yes, it does speak volumes about the man or, in this case, it would speak a lot about her. Try to know a bit about her taste

· Design- Is it going to be a simple one or with engravings? Are you going to use precious stones? All these matters

· Cost- As per the myth, people spend around three-months’ salary for a ring. But it is just a myth. You don’t have to follow it and get into a cash crunch

· Color- It should suit her personality

Each step is like moving a mountain in itself. But if you brace yourself for the impact by knowing a bit beforehand, then it could be a cakewalk.

For the time being, let’s focus on colors.

Which color would she prefer?

If you are looking for variety in gold, then remember there are three basic colors.

· Rose gold

· White gold

· Yellow gold

These colors are adornments and something that would enhance her ethereal beauty. All these may look good on her finger. But you should go for perfection. Look for something that would complement your love for her. For that, you have to be well-versed with the intrinsic details of these three types.

Rose Gold:

The color is a relatively new one. Its story goes back to the nineteenth-century when an enthusiast added some copper to check the color. The reddish hue of the gold has a feminine touch. If your beloved likes a soft romantic air, then this would be perfect for her. Rose gold is also the strongest of all the types, and it could withstand several winters.

Yellow Gold:

Some things are timeless. Yellow gold belongs to that category. The moment you think of gold, this is the color that comes to your mind. And why not? Our affair dates back to millennia. It is also traditional. Each culture has several stories to tell when it comes to yellow gold. It is highly malleable, which means if you have a specific design in mind for your beloved, then you can surely opt for this one. By giving it the perfect shape and texture, your jeweler can make the yellow gold ring a one-of-a-kind piece.

Does she love wearing traditional clothes? Then this is something that would suit her better.

White Gold:

It comes with palladium (major component). The white shine hue gives it a platinum-like look and the shine stays for a long time. The silver hue can bring back the romance of a moonlit night. The look is modern and it can give you goosebumps if she pairs it up with the right apparels.

But when it comes to titanium, it lags far behind. A small fact you should keep in mind before spending a huge amount.

Stated by Statistics

If you are still unsure, check statistics. A huge number is leaning towards white gold and that is almost 61% in 2017. But never underestimate the design as 86% of brides find it as a crucial factor.


Statistics can help you to some extent. But the leap of buying is your decision. That is why knowing your partner is important. If you are still fumbling, try some expert advice, that is a common friend or her mother or elder sister. A statutory warning, make a pact with them saying they could never divulge the truth till the end of time.