How to Travel Around the World on a Budget

Most people die in the very corner of the world that they are born in. Not that they don’t want to travel the world. They just keep waiting for the right time, right privileges, and right financial status to go globetrotting. And that’s exactly why most people fail to enjoy the adventures of traveling!

If you have a nomadic streak, you will probably scrimp on everything less important and will try to save for your escapades. It’s all about prioritizing. Dream big and then try to achieve it. If you are currently dreaming about surfing internet El Paso in a nice hotel, you can make it happen with the right financial planning.

How to Travel Around the World on a Budget

Seasoned travelers and globetrotters have shared effective insight on traveling on a budget. Take notes!

Consider Traveling to Cheaper Countries

Traveling to a new country is always a great adventure. When you have a tight budget, it’s wise to choose a cheap destination. Some of the most expensive countries to visit are Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland. Yes, seeing the killer whales in Norway does sound intriguing. But perhaps you should delay it for better days.

Calculate your budget and pick the destination accordingly. Asian countries can be great options in this regard. Some instances are Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, and others. Thailand is another budget-friendly destination and tourists love it. Some less explored gems in Central America are El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

Go for Free Activities

We don’t usually do much research about the details. If you simply Google about the free activities to do in the destination you are heading to, you will be amazed at the number of incredible things you can indulge in.

Before you head out on your globetrotting adventure, we would suggest dedicating some time to comprehensive online research about your intended destination. Free activities include visiting religious buildings and monuments, hiking to different viewpoints, visiting parks, choosing a nice spot to enjoy the sunset, walking tours, and so much more.

Spending time with the locals can be fun too. If you are in a country with a different colloquial language, improving their English skills could be a good excuse to mingle.

Heard of Travel Rewards Programs? Join Them

Airlines usually have loyalty programs where you earn points with the number of miles you fly. Yes, it may take a while to earn a completely free flight, but one should start trying. Signing up is free and you get to win tens of thousands of bonus points.

Hotels also offer travel reward programs. Research about all these offers and invest in a travel rewards credit card. Some of the have no foreign and annual transaction fees. This means big savings already! If you are planning to enjoy cheaper vacations more often, you need to take advantage of these programs.

Do Extensive Research on the Lowest Airfare

Do you know that airfare is perhaps the most probable category to save up? Careful and extensive online research will show you how much you can save up if you decide to change the day of your flight. Or, how altering your itinerary by the number of stops can help you save noticeably.

While looking up flights, know that not all airlines are listed on every forum. That’s why we used the word “extensive” research to find yourself the best deal. Cheap flights, Which Budget, Expedia, Google Flights, and several other sites help you compare tickets to get the cheapest deal for hundreds of countries.

For budget airlines, Europe is particularly friendly. While looking up for the ideal deal, familiarize yourself with every airport that may serve your destination. Larger cities usually have multiple airports. Budget airlines tend to use smaller airports for their flight operations.

Another money-saving hack is to keep minimum luggage to avoid additional luggage fees.

Consider Wwoofing

Familiar with wwoofing? It stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. If you have experience in farming, you can take advantage of this offer in exchange for food and accommodation. This international organization aims to bring together farmers and labor along with travelers.

These travelers should be willing to work for at least a couple of hours. And in exchange, they can have lodging and food. For solo travelers, this sounds like a fun and highly economical option. You will have to sign up for $40 at the official WWOOF website initially.

But after that investment, the opportunities are literally endless. $40 is less than the internet prices we pay every month! For motivated travelers, more than 100 countries are willing to offer opportunities. This is perhaps the cheapest way to travel abroad. Almost free!

The countries on the list are Australia, Canada, the United States of America, some European countries, and many others. Traveling to these countries is otherwise quite expensive.