What Are The Different Types Of Airbags Available In The Market

What Are The Different Types Of Airbags Available In The Market?

Airbags are the unique tools for practising gymnastics, sports, and bike riding. Earlier, people prefer to use foam or hard-quality gymnastic mats for their regular practice. But after the invention of landing airbags, the practice process of the different sports activities has changed drastically. The durable quality materials, dust-free technology, and easy setup features have made the airbag popular. Various manufacturers use unique and durable PVC materials to create bounce-free landing airbags. It can help people to avoid any type of knee injury while practising. But buyers should check the quality of the landing airbag before purchasing.

Different Types Of Airbags

The different types of airbags are as follows-

Foam pit airbag- If you want safety, hygiene, and durable quality airbag, then foam pit airbag technology is best for you.

2-zone landing airbag- This landing airbag covers an entire landing area and prevents injury while practising the stunts and tricks.

One-piece bike airbag landing– This airbag is easy to transport from one place to another. You can practice your bike stunt over this airbag safely.

Olympic landing bag- Athletes can progress their ride safely on this airbag. Sportspersons can practice the sports activity safely in this airbag.

Reason For The Popularity Of Bike Landing Airbag

The unique features for the popularity of the bike landing airbag are as follows-

This bike airbag landing does not catch any dirt or pollution. One can set this airbag outside the house.

1 or 2 people can easily set up this landing airbag. The setup process requires only 5 minutes.

An internal blower is already included inside this airbag. That gives a unique and playful experience.

The smooth transitions and slanted backside can give you the best landing experience.

The soft setting arrangement of this landing airbag is free from stiffness and bounce. Thus users do not feel any bouncy experience while landing.

Features Of Airpit

Airpit is designed especially for beginners and professional gymnastics personals.

It is useful for various purposes such as tumbling, double mini, rings, vault, balance beam, and parallel bars.

It is softer than your thick gymnastic mats.

It can give a unique training experience to its users.

Foam pits create huge dust and full of unhygienic bacteria, while airpit is free from bacteria and germs.

Airpit is portable in size and needs only small storage.

From the above information, one can understand the reason for using an excellent quality landing airbag over the regular foam. Airbags have huge facilities for both the gymnastics personals and bike riders. The durable quality materials and easy setup have made the airbag unique in all aspects.