What Are The Steps For KBC Registration

Everyone dreams of becoming rich overnight. Through hard work, you can earn money and enjoy a lavish life. But, earning a big fat amount of money in a few minutes brings amazing pleasure. Not everyone is lucky to earn money through lotteries. There are a few people who have successfully cracked some lotteries. In India, the biggest lottery is KBC. The format of KBC is different from other lottery formats. It is not a conventional lottery. You have to participate in a quiz contest. You can earn money by giving the right answers to the questions. In the following section, you can find the steps for KBC registration.

1. Kbc Official Website

For KBC registration, you need to visit the official website of KBC. Participating in KBC can make you rich overnight. One can win six to eight-digit amounts on KBC. According to the KBC, anyone can apply to become a participant. If you apply for participating in KBC contest, you have to follow a few steps. These steps have been discussed in the following section. Before going to the steps, you need to know that anyone can apply for KBC lottery winner registration. However, a person’s age must be above 18 years. For kids, there is a separate registration option too.

2. Kbc Registration Steps

A participant needs to follow three steps for KBC registration. In the following section, you can find the steps for KBC registration in detail.

Step 1: SMS Or Mobile Application

You can download SonyLiv mobile application on your smartphone. After creating an account, you shall find an option for watching live streaming of KBC. When questions are asked during an episode, you need to answer them. If you can answer all questions correctly, you shall increase your chance to get selected. Through a random and complex algorithm, the lucky winner has been picked. The KBC lottery winner will get a direct-entry by answering the questions correctly. If you do not have a smartphone, you can watch the KBC episode on TV. When a question is asked, you need to send the answers to the registered KBC number through texts.

Step 2: Get A Call From KBC

You need to participate in the daily quiz event during the episodes on Sony television network. As stated above, a lucky person has been picked as the winner. The person will get a call from the KBC office. The participant will be instructed to follow the next steps by the officials on the call.

Step 3: Ground Audition

The final stage is giving a ground audition. During the audition, you have to sit for an interview. Your general knowledge will be tested. Good performance in the audition will enhance your knowledge of chance to enter the main round of KBC.