What Are The Various Aspects To Know About E-Juices

E-juice can be referred to as the liquid solution used to refill electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers. In modern times as people have become more health-conscious, they are trying to quit consumption of organic cigarettes and switching over to something less harmful. E-juices are made in such a way that it contains the minimum amount of nicotine and other synthetic ingredients. Some fluids don’t have any nicotine in them. As far the percentage of nicotine in e-juice is considered, it is 24 grams for heavy smokers and somewhere between 12-18 mg for light smokers. You can opt for the product on the basis of your preference.

Composition Of E-Juice

Now when you are planning to switch over to something new which will give you the same satisfaction as its organic counterpart, you need to what it is made of. Every drop of e-juice comes with 80-90% vegetable glycerin which is not harmful under any circumstances.  Vegetable Glycerin is used for processing a wide gallery of food items and is also used to manufacture toothpaste.

Along with this Vegetable Glycerin, there is another ingredient that is used to determine the thickness of the solution. It is called Propylene glycol and to date, no negative effects of it have been recorded. To inject flavor into the e-juice, artificial flavoring solutions are mixed with it.

There are loads of flavored e-juices you will find in the market and you can choose as per your preference. The presence of nicotine in e-juices ranges between 0-2.4 percent which is much less than what you call negligible. Last but not least distilled water is added as per requirement and that to if required.

Benefits Of Consuming E-Juices

Better Taste

Compared to organic cigarettes, e-juices taste a lot better. There is no chance at all where you will feel any sort of bitterness in your mouth. This is because e-juices come with added flavor, when it gets vaporized, our mouth will taste sweet and there is no need to use a mouth freshener. The smoke generated from Bong is not created from burning and organic substances but is entirely artificial.

Safer Than Natural Nicotine

E-juices are made of artificial material. The composition is made in such a way that it will not affect your body adversely. Before the solution is released in the market, every unit is tested and trialed.

No Unpleasant Smell

As there is no organic material present in e-juices, the chance of the emergence of a bad odor while smoking Bong is eliminated.

This is perhaps the most important benefit related to e-juices. Since there is no generation of pollution, -juices can be consumed in places that fall under the smoking ban. The no-smoking ban or any acts related to it is not applicable for e-juices.