What Are The Various Considerations For Choosing A Limit Switch

A limit switch is a device. It utilizes the impact of the moving parts of a machine to make its electrical contacts understand if the control circuit’s on. The aim is to realize a definite control purpose. It collaborates with different devices to make more compound automation equipment. Therefore, the right limit switches make the whole automatic control system more practical and effective. So now we know what a limit switch is. How to choose the right limit switch? There are a few key considerations for choosing the right limit switch. What are they? That is what we are going to discuss below.

Picking The Limit Switches In Line With Application Situations And Control Object

For a machine whose movement speed isn’t fast, limit switches with the general application are generally used. What if the path that the machine travels through isn’t suitable for installing roller plunger limit switches? Roller lever limit switches are to be used.

What if there’re extremely high requisites on the working effectiveness, consistency, and precision? Another sort of Mini Micro Switch, which is the proximity sensor, has to be selected.

Picking The Suitable Actuator Form

Pick the appropriate actuator form in keeping with the transmission force amid the machine and limit switch, and the analogous displacement relationship. Thus, the limit switch’s structural form is to be selected in line with the machine’s movement features.

Shell: In line with the limit switch’s load, for light and medium loads, plastic is generally the shell material. For heavy and super-heavy loads, metal is generally the shell material. Therefore, choosing the appropriate shell is important.

Actuator: Diverse actuators are picked in line with the detection target’s form and movement direction. The sorts of actuators consist of a top plunger, roller plunger, adjustable roller lever, roller lever, adjustable rod lever, coil spring, and fork lever.

Other Criteria For Picking A Limit Switch

Pick the series of limit switches in line with the rated current and voltage of the control circuit.

Pick the protection mode from open and protection type in line with the installation environment.

Pick a suitable Mini Micro Switch in line with the environmental factors, including shock and vibration resistance, ambient temperature, and protection class. A case in point? A waterproof limit switch for use in the industrial times required for oil-resistant, waterproof, and dustproof.

Some Other Considerations For Picking A Limit Switch

According to the diverse needs, it’s important to pick a diverse number of contacts, quick-moving, or slow-moving contacts. Another consideration is the operating speed, or the maximum permitted triggering speed. In case this speed is exceeded, a limit switch could malfunction or get damaged from too much force. Another consideration is the Cable inlet module. Several cable inlets conform to diverse standards. Choice can always be made from two sorts of minimum force.