Can You Use Hosting Services For Other Purposes

Does an offshore vps hosting or a shared hosting should only be used for hosting websites? Can’t these services be used for some other purposes? Many people use hosting services solely for the purpose of website hosting. Many don’t know the reality of its capability and the boundaries it can reach. Yes, hosting services can be used for many other purposes and people are not popularly educated about it. We don’t have to reason why it is so. Rather we can start to know the purposes it serves and put them to use for our benefits. Therefore, let us see the different areas where hosting services can help.

What Is Possible Other Than Website Hosting?

If you have signed up for a hosting subscription, especially a Linux hosting service and you don’t have a website to run, you must start considering other options. Linux hosting can be used for file sharing and emails. But without a website they are not very purposeful. Therefore, here are some of the ways you can use your hosting plan:

Project Management: This is helpful for almost any company but it is specifically used by any production and manufacturing companies to plan and manage their projects. There are many projects management tools and systems in the world and still needs to be converted into a web application. You can choose a management system and develop a web application so that companies can use it within their organization to produce project plans.

Video Conferences: As we have started to witness many work from home situations and schools being conducted through online classes, video conferences have become a much needed tool. You can use your idle server to host video conferencing applications and when there is a need for privacy you can always integrate a VoIP calling feature to provide more security.

Media streaming: Many people like to portray the happenings of daily life or broadcast some type media from their houses. There are certain celebrities who put live videos to give out some message. So, you hosting plan can be used to stream such media and broadcast live videos.

Software Testing: Your hosting server is not only a place for websites, but also a stage for testing software regarding their working. Many companies use third party to test their software for glitches, bugs, etc. While there are safety concerns with a third party, your server can be a virtual space for software testing.

These are some of the ways you can use your hosting plan and earn some money. This is better because your investment is not wasted by keeping your server idle and it can serve some purpose also.