How Long Does Drug Rehab Last

It is essential to mention right at the top that the answer to this question varies from person to person. This is fundamentally depending on the type of treatment the person is undergoing. Moreover, there are myriad forms of drug rehab programs. For a first-timer, it’s necessary to understand that recovery from severe health conditions like these doesn’t happen overnight. Therefore your needs could be completely different from someone else’s needs. It would be best if you comprehended your treatment routine to make informed decisions. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the standard timeline for drug rehab:

About a month in case the person is going through a traditional inpatient treatment program.

About three months if the person is undergoing an intensive outpatient treatment program.

Between three and ten days for drug detox.

Up to six months for long-term or residential drug treatment.

Between several weeks and multiple months for outpatient drug rehab.

Drug Rehab Requires A Considerable Time

It’s worth mentioning that people struggling with drug addiction can consume a lengthy spell for recovery, especially when undergoing rehabs in NH. As you learn about the different types of treatment, you will get a closer grasp of how long and why your recovery will take that time for recovery.

When the patient undergoes drug detox, the body is self-cleansing against toxins. The body takes time to eliminate the chemicals. However, the estimated time for toxin removal varies from person to person.

An inpatient drug rehab means the person undergoes intensive treatment for about a month. The month-long period allows the person to learn about their condition in detail.

Outpatient treatment means the patient will get a reduced level of treatment compared to an inpatient setting. Therefore this makes the duration of the therapy extensive and lengthy.

The person will be attending multiple appointments a week during intensive outpatient treatment. However, they will still take time to learn and recover.

Finally, residential treatment calls for a more extended period for recovery. Patients undergo such programs to receive an excellent level of support.

How To Determine The Ideal Level Of Treatment?

It is essential to mention that each patient is medically assessed for determining their necessary treatment level before beginning their drug rehab for NH. This is most commonly handled by admissions staff at rehab and medical facilities. Otherwise, it’s the doctors and nurses who complete the proceedings to accumulate as much information about the patient as possible.

This essentially helps them to make an informed decision regarding the ideal level of treatment. In most cases, people can do a world of good to their health by staying in-house. However, others lose their composure and give up early, resulting in them leaving the drug rehabs before their treatment is finished. In most cases, these people end up relapsing.