Find And Recruit Quality Caregivers According To Their Types Of Work

Due to the rapidly growing need for caregivers, many occupational medical staffing agencies across Florida have designed innovative strategies in order to find and recruit quality caregivers in Tennessee. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for personal care services is expected to increase at a faster pace, which will lead to an increase in the need for home health aides. As more people live longer, the demand for home health aides will also grow significantly. Because of this, most professional staffing agencies across Florida have developed unique strategies to find and recruit quality caregivers in Tennessee. Start a home care business in Tennessee by registering with one of these agencies.

At the beginning of July, I was contacted by a home care agency in Tennessee that was interested in hiring home health aides. The agency had three new positions for registered nurses, certified nursing assistants (CNA), and non-certified nursing assistants (NCLEX – Certified Nursing Assistants) and they were looking for families in my area to help fill the positions. The position that they were offering was very interesting: they were looking for families in my area that needed help transporting their elderly parents from their homes to the doctor’s office on a daily basis. My contact asked if I knew where the elderly parents lived and it so happened that I was living next door to the family, so I asked them if they would be interested in helping out. offered a job. The hiring manager told me that she had applied for four days ago but was not selected for one of the positions. I was excited because I knew that I could make a difference – I was going to help caregivers like my contact, who had no medical background, get a job.

I went to my parent’s house that weekend to meet my grandmother and asked her if I could help her mother with her overnight errands. I drove up and parked in the handicapped accessible parking lot right next to her home. She was very happy to have someone there to help her and because she trusted me, she told me everything she needed to know about her home health care service.

From my first interaction with her, I already felt that this was a great place for me to find and recruit quality caregivers. My contact shared with me that her mother was receiving treatment at a very good health care agency in Nashville that is a specialty in geriatrics. This was great news for my grandmother since she needed all of her caregivers to be trained in geriatrics. My grandmother is still receiving round-the-clock care at her current home but needed someone to come in every 2 days to help her with her daily activities. Because of the challenges that her body has faced, she needs all hands on help including helping to take her to her doctor appointments, shopping and errands and to visit family and friends.

After doing my research and contacting the health care agency and the recruitment firm that I work for, I found out that my contact’s grandmother would not be an eligible candidate for the caregiver position. She told me that she has been receiving round-the-clock care at her home but that she was not permitted to move into the home until further notice. But after talking with her and doing my research, I learned that she qualifies for this caregiver job. I told her that if she would rather move into the home with her parents, then that would be fine.