Gen Z Fashion Trends 2021

There has been plenty of commentary in the press regarding Gen Z and their desire to look like their grandparents. We have been told that Gen Z are different, prone to embrace fashion trends from their parents and not the “old styles”. Yet, if you have been paying attention, the negative criticism of skinny jeans should not come as a surprise. From the current popular mom and dad jeans trends to Gen Zs’ fixation with Aughts-style fashion, it is no wonder that the thin, narrow jeans that have been popular for decades are fast becoming an ancient relic of our decade. Gen Z just doesn’t want to be left out; in fact, they are creating their own trends – literally.

For a time, many clothing manufacturers saw the handwriting on the wall and backed off from the high quality, low priced denim that was once a staple of Gen Z fashion. However, the rise in the popularity of low waist jeans, hip hop wear, cropped pants and oversized t-shirts have led to the rise in the creation and manufacture of Gen Z apparel. The rise in popularity of these kinds of clothing is not a surprise. With more education about one’s heritage, there is greater pride in one’s ethnic identity. This can be seen in Gen Z clothing choices, from the hijabs and turban headdresses to the bandannas and dreadlocks.

Much of this appreciation for cultural difference has filtered into the clothing that Gen Zs are wearing. It is not uncommon to see oversized t-shirts, tracksuits and denim vests worn by Gen Zs. While this may seem to be contradictory, it is actually a part of Gen Z culture. As we mentioned earlier, the younger generation is obsessed with hip hop culture, but many Gen Zs still love the idea of dressing like their parents. This has made it easier for companies to create clothing lines for Gen Zs.

One trend that has really picked up steam among Gen Zs is the use of social media as a way to communicate. With the popularity of Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, it has never been easier for Gen Zs to stay connected to each other. Many Gen Z fashion trends follow this trend. For example, many Gen Zs enjoy the attention that their parents so readily give them. A great deal of Gen Z clothing brands have taken this idea and made it their own.

Gen Z loves hip hop and rap, but many of them also identify with other popular styles. In particular, hip hop and rap are often associated with large, oversized clothing items that are often the butt of jokes. However, these days, hip hop and rap side parts are slowly making a comeback. In fact, many prominent hip hop artists have incorporated the custom jeans that were introduced to the world by the legendary artist Jay Z, into their music. Other popular Gen Z trends include sports related apparel and accessories.

Gen Z has always loved biking shorts, and this trend seems to have picked up even more steam. Biking shorts are made with durable stretch fabric and have an easy, snug fit. Biking shorts are particularly easy for Gen Z to find because they are not seen as trendy fashions, at least not in mainstream fashion trends. A great way for Gen Z to show off their fashion trends is to wear a jogger look with short pants and a vintage bicycle chain holder.