Latest Fashion Trends From London Fashion Week

Fashion is one of the most important topics in world events today. Fashion represents people’s individuality and that alone. There are a lot of fads and styles floating around, all vying for attention and of course, money. Fashion is an ever-evolving phenomenon, something that changes and grows with time.

Although there is a large emphasis on wearable clothing, the trends in London Fashion Week is all about injecting new ideas into the industry. Fashion designers of today must face the reality that there are more demands for quality and originality than ever before. Despite the proliferation of negative news in fashion lately, it appears that some British designers have finally adopted the strange circumstances as an opportunity to test out their new ideas. Instead of being deterred, this refreshing bunch of ideas has instead sparked a curiosity that lowered resources and have now taken them to the realms of their imagination.

One of the most noticeable trends that have emerged in London Fashion Week collections has been the focus on wearable clothing. Long sleeves, short sleeve, halter necks and dresses are all in. The British designers also brought back classic pieces like jackets and blazers, adding new elements such as zippers and fashionable clasps. Some of these newer collections are called “street chic”, but what is clear is that there is no longer any hesitation when it comes to displaying popular fashion trends.

Another trend worth mentioning has been the use of unusual silhouettes in clothing. Roksanda, Vetra and Tom Ford all have opted for unique and fascinating silhouettes in their collections. Roksanda for instance, made use of dark blue and black motifs to create asymmetrical lines and bold color choices. In terms of clothes that are worn during Fashion Week London, it has been quite hard for us to ignore the likes of the cropped jackets and cropped jeans. The British designers have finally broken free from their conventionality by experimenting with un-conventional materials, cuts and colors.

Another London Fashion Week collection that was recently showcased at the Lanes has been the vertical jump collection. This time around we can see London based designers collaborating with UK brand labels such as London Fog and Vetra to produce these unique and eye-catching collections. The key appeal of these collections is the bright colored, bright contrast fabrics that make up the jackets and skirts. The London fog and Vetra dollars have also created interesting patterns such as checkers, which look like they have come straight out of the fashion books. With the autumn approaching we can expect many more exciting vertical jump collections from this London based fashion house.

The most recent fashion trends have been inspired by the art school culture. After all who doesn’t want their fashion to be inspired by the works of the famous fashion designers? The fall trends from London Fashion Week will feature many of the renowned names in London fashion, such as Calvin Klein, John Galliano and Givenchy. With the upcoming holidays upon us and with the London Fashion Week right around the corner it is high time we got into the groove. Fashion is about being original and today these brands are making sure that they are not left behind by the ever changing winds of fashion.