How To Promote Your Brand With Livestream

Almost every brand has an online video marketing plan, and most have started to test Livestream marketing as well. Early adopters of newer technology mediums are often rewarded with free media coverage and loyal followers, while their boring content usually hasn’t had much production value. The problem is that most brands don’t even know that they need Livestream.

Brand Equity Building Brand equity is about how your brand is perceived by viewers. Livestream allows you to engage with your audience in an entirely new way. Brand equity can be built by allowing your audience to engage with your videos before they’ve ever even heard from you on the Internet. For example, having your subscribers submit your promotional videos to social bookmarking sites like YouTube and Facebook allow you to engage with your viewers and potentially build a viral video campaign that spreads virally all over the Internet.

Brand Building On The Spot One of the great ways to use Livestream is to get your brand involved in something before your viewers have a chance to see it. Using Livestream to announce a promo code that is only available for a limited time and running as an exclusive promotion means that your viewers will be the first to benefit from the deal. Once the promo code is out of circulation, your audience will no longer know where to find it but you’ll still have it to show to your subscribers when they next visit your site. This is a great way to promote a product or service that you may not have shared with your audience otherwise.

Brand Equity Building with Livestream Brand equity is also about how your audience relates to you. The best way to connect with your audience is to have them actively engage with what you’re doing on the web. Whether it’s Livestreaming your daily activity or running a contest that you’ve designed, having your audience participate can prove to be an effective method of building brand equity. Inviting your viewers to stream your stream while they’re at work, at school, or on the road can prove to them that you are one with their own interests and that you value what they share.

Brand Equity With Social Media Marketing Many brands fail to recognize the importance of the Internet as a marketing strategy. This is largely due to the fact that they believe marketing should revolve around traditional methods such as direct mail, television commercials, press releases, and billboards. While these mediums do play an important role in promoting your brand, they fall short in today’s competitive world. There are other ways to market your company beyond traditional avenues. Using Livestream to get your live content out to your audience can be a great way to incorporate some interactive elements into your marketing strategy.

Getting into the Online Community with Livestream If your brand can’t make it to a Livestream event, there are other ways to interact with your audience online. Twitter, for example, has recently introduced Twitter Cards which provides your audience with useful information on the brand’s products and services. Facebook also offers a feature called “Like” which allows your followers to share your content with their friends. With this interactive online community, you can reach out to your target audience directly. You don’t have to hold a live event to engage your audience; you can simply use Livestream to give them a sneak peek at what’s going on with your brand or even announce a promotional offer.