How Do People Contend In KBC Play Along And Win Thrilling Prizes

The latest coronavirus has annulled a great of plans of many. Nonetheless, it has not been able to deter Amitabh Bachchan from quizzing the nation on their GK and trivia. KBC has been on air since 2000 and has been watched and appreciated by numerous Indian households since then. Season No. 12 of Kaun Banega Crorepati commenced the 28th of September. There is always that chance that an aspiring contestant will not be able to make it to the hot seat. However, all contestants are in with a chance of winning handsome prize money. How? They can participate in the KBC Play Along.

How To Take Part In KBC Play Along

To join in the KBC Season 12 Play Along people have got to download the latest SonyLIV app version. They will get it on Google and Apple App Store. They must first install the app. They will see a ‘KBC Play Along’ icon on the menu. They must select the icon and login using their Google or Facebook account. Who are eligible to join in KBC play along? A person has to an Indian citizen and should be 18 years and more. People can select from Hindi and English for playing.

Registering For KBC Play Along

Registration for KBC play was open until the month of July 2020, and participants could register with their mobile number and email address. It’s different from how people registered for KBC Season 12 by texting the right answers to the kbc head office number.

Playing The KBC Play Along

After registration, players get the questions asked on TV on their smartphone screen. Players have to give the right answer in the specified time and click on submit.

Every right answer will get them some points. Players don’t have to subscribe to KBC Play Along. However, those who subscribe can reap some added benefits as regards prices. Players won’t get eliminated for an incorrect answer.

Non-subscribers can avail one lifeline in the game. On the other hand, those who subscribe are free to use it whenever they feel like in the game.

It’s essential that people participate in the Play along regularly. The reason is that the top scorer of the season is in with a chance of winning a new car.

Moreover, twenty lucky winners are going to enjoy a Zoom call with The Big B.

2020 has been a year of modernizations for KBC. There has been a massive turnaround for registrations on the kbc head office number and SonyLIV and auditions on SonyLIV.

‘Har Din 10 Lakhpati’ is best described as a leeway to build up the impetus around KBC Play Along. It will make viewers of the show winners. What does KBC hope to achieve with ten lakhpatis daily? KBC wishes to reward people at their home and serve the hopes of innumerable people participating in India’s greatest reality game show.